Best Guide To Wrist Tattoo Designs Ideas & Meaning

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking to take the jump into your first Wrist Tattoo Designs, or you’re just curious about this particular placement.

Any tattoo you chose to place here will definitely get a lot of attention due to the wrists highly visible positioning! Selecting a design and style that you feel confident you’ll be proud to show off for a long time to come is important because of this.

Keep reading along to see our favourite wrist tattoo ideas and designs, and to learn more about anticipated pain levels and best placements & wrist tattoos with meaning!

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Wrist Tattoos for Men

cross tattoo on side of wrist
cross tattoo on side of wrist

Male wrist tattoos have always remained a popular staple, to develop into larger pieces like sleeves,  thanks to their easily noticeable placement, lower pain level, and ability.

There are a wide variety of styles, subject matter, and placements to choose from when considering wrist tattoo ideas for men,! Not feeling an inner wrist tattoo?  With different placement ideas, like the top or side of the wrist, Try experimenting.  The wristband or a tattoo that is designed to wrap around the area of the wrist, another desirable look for male wrist tattoos is.

Making use of masculine elements in your design like fire, skulls and bold lettering can also help bring your tattoo to life! Some of the more popular styles for tattoo designs on the male wrist include:

  • Lettering
  • Nature scenes
  • Crosses
  • Geometric or tribal designs

When contemplating your wrist tattoo, try to keep in mind, that it may not be acceptable to wear something this visible in some professional environments. But, the wrist is an ideal placement if you work a job that’s cool with tattoos, as it will really allow your art to be readily showcased.

Read along to check out our picks for the best wrist tattoos for guys if you’re feeling ready to commit to a wrist tattoo!

Wrist Tattoos for Women

rose tattoos on wrist
rose tattoos on wrist

Wrist tattoos have always been a popular choice for women, thanks in part to their highly noticeable placement, yet delicate sizing. Whether you’re feeling inspired to get a bold or black piece, or you prefer more feminine and soft wrist tattoos, this area works wonderfully to encompass all styles and visions.

Though the wrist is a small space to work with, it definitely provides prime real estate for the phrases, imagery and symbolism that resonates most with you.

If you are having trouble searching for female wrist tattoo ideas, it might be helpful to know that some of the most popular motifs for women right now are:

  • Mandalas
  • Flowers
  • Geometric designs
  • Single word phrases

To display any imagery or subject matter that resonates with you if you’re desiring something less common, rest assured that the wrist is an excellent space, just make sure that it will fit nicely within the space given.

To see our favourite tattoo designs for women’s wrist, check out the rest of our guide!

Small Wrist Tattoos

sun tattoo on wrist
sun tattoo on wrist

On anyone, small and simple wrist tattoos can work wonderfully! Many consider the wrist to be an ideal placement to display delicate and minuscule designs. If you’re looking for a tattoo that won’t be loud, but that can be easily viewed by yourself and others, a tiny wrist tattoo may be the way to go!

The wrist itself is a small and understated area, which can be nicely accented by a simplistic and tiny wrist tattoo. Some of the most popular small design motifs for the wrist are:

  • Foliage
  • Crosses
  • Flowers
  • Nature scenes
  • Elemental designs

For those seeking a small wrist tattoo with meaning, these popular tattoo designs can provide great inspiration.  To convey a message, or signify a deeper sentient, tattoos don’t have to be packed with detail, or large in size. In fact, layers of meaning and significance are contained in many of the tiniest and simplest tattoos.

You can still infuse the art with powerful meaning, so whether you want a minimalist wrist tattoo, or just want a generally smaller piece. The best part about little wrist tattoos is that by employers, parents, or other people in general, they aren’t as readily noticeable. So this may be the best size and placement for you if you prefer something more discrete, but not totally hidden.

Keep scrolling to check out our top picks for small wrist tattoos for women and men!

Wristband Tattoos

blessed tattoos on wrist
blessed tattoos on wrist

A wristband style piece can be a great way to display your art, If you don’t mind sporting an obvious and larger wrist tattoo! Thanks to the wrist’s slender size and close proximity to the hand, these wristband tattoos can easily wrap around, giving the tattoo a different feel, with the added benefit of a more noticeable and immediate appeal.

There are many design options and elements to consider when considering this particular style of popular wrist tattoos. Some prefer to do a text-based wrist bracelet tattoo,  to form a circle around the wrist, opting for their chosen quote. Others create permanent jewellery of sorts, with additional design elements like feathers or crosses utilizing ornamental style tattoos adorned.

You can always select a tribal design, blackwork lines, or a Celtic inspired band If you’re seeking a particularly masculine-looking wrist cuff tattoo. Some of the most popular feminine bracelet tattoo ideas For women include lunar elements, flowers, or detailed ornamental art.

These super cool wristband designs can embody any sentiment you choose if you’re searching for a particularly meaningful wrist tattoo. a great way to piece together what you’d like to create is Researching the imagery that appeals to you and understanding the meaning behind the symbolism.

For badass wristband tattoos, keep scrolling to view our top picks!

10 Popular Wrist Tattoo Designs and Motifs

  • Rose Tattoo on Wrist

blessed tattoos on wrist
blessed tattoos on wrist

Flowers create some of the most beautiful tattoos, rich with hidden meaning and perfect for the delicate area of the wrist. Out of all the mesmerizing and beautiful flowers in existence, the rose has always held incredible staying power, remaining one of the all-time favourite selections for wrist tattoos. We feel that the soft and striking beauty of the rose makes for a beautiful and timeless wrist tattoo!

  • Cross tattoos on your wrist

cross tattoo on side of wrist
cross tattoo on side of wrist

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo of a spiritual nature, the cross tattoo on side of the wrist can be an excellent design to display. When considering your cross wrist tattoo design, you can easily create a simple and minimalist piece, or opt for a more detailed tattoo like an ornamental cross bracelet.  Selecting imagery that holds personal meaning to you is often a good way to go since wrist tattoos are almost always visible. Tattoos that speak to beliefs and sources of faith are usually cherished for a long time to come while you may get tired of something you selected for its aesthetic appeal alone.

  • Heart Tattoo on Wrist

flame tattoos on wrist
flame tattoos on wrist

The universally recognized symbol of love, passion, emotions and empathy is the heart. Heart tattoos on the wrist can be an excellent way to display these sentiments If you’re looking for a piece embodying these qualities. Hearts work wonderfully for those who don’t prefer ambiguous art, or who might be looking to just create a super cute wrist tattoo!

  • Wrist Name Tattoos

Looking to pay tribute to a loved one who’s passed or memorialize someone special in your life? Name tattoos on the wrist can be a special way to honour or remember someone close to you. Keep in mind that since the wrist is a highly visible space, you’ll be seeing this name for a long time to come! So try and make sure this is a choice you’re comfortable with before proceeding. These tattoos are also known as rest in peace wrist tattoos as it is a permanent impression on your wrist for a special one. 

  • Wrist Arrow Tattoo

cross tattoo on wrist meaning
cross tattoo on wrist meaning

Arrow tattoos for the wrist come in a wide array of styles, ranging from simple and tiny designs to motifs including elements like feathers, roman numerals, mandalas, and more! Force, power, travel and direction is symbolised by the arrow.

It can also hold additional meaning depending on the way your arrow is positioned. Crossed arrows are an excellent selection if you’re looking for a tattoo to symbolize friendship, as they have been used by Native Americans to signify deep connections. You can select a broken or point down arrow If you’re searching for an arrow to represent peace. To inspire spiritual protection you can select an arrow pointing to the right and For a symbol to ward off evil, you can use an arrow pointing to left.

  • Flame Wrist Tattoo

Fire elements are an excellent design selection for those who want a unique and cool wrist tattoo. Fire symbolism has been associated with many different things including; illumination, light, warmth, protection, transformation and creation throughout the ages. Flames work to add layered meaning and edgy flair to the wrist whether you prefer to use strong colour choices, or would rather keep your tattoo all black.

  • Mandala Wrist Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, Mandalas are experiencing a huge influx in popularity, and the best part is that they work wonderfully in small and large spaces alike. The mandala serves to represent the nature of reality within its design if you’re seeking a deeply meaningful wrist tattoo.

Life is eternal and that everything is connected. This is what circular shape of the mandala reminds us. To represent the journey of life, and our individual place within the cosmos, the designs within the mandala are used.

As a tool for meditation, the mandala is generally used, and with the easily visible placement of the wrist, these tattoos can serve as permanent visual aids for contemplation and inner knowledge.

  • Skull Wrist Tattoo

A skull wrist tattoo may serve as the perfect reminder for you if you’re intending to make the most out of life while you’re here. To remind us of the concepts of death, mortality and impermanence along our human journey, Skull symbolism often is used. As there are various ways to create fun and juxtaposed imagery with skulls, your skull wrist tattoo doesn’t have to feel dark, or drab though. While others prefer intricate and bright sugar skulls, Some elect to use additional elements like flowers or bold colours.

There are also many styles and motifs incorporating only black, or displaying terrifying and realistic looking skull designs If you want to go dark with your imagery. The wrist is an ideal placement for your unique skull tattoo, Whatever you choose!

  • Dragonfly Wrist Tattoo

As being a powerful symbol of transformation, transcendence, change and self-realization, the dragonfly is recognized throughout the world. Adding a delicate quality to the design, the small space of the wrist works well to capture this beautiful creature. You can easily create a colourful and striking dragonfly wrist tattoo, or strip it down to display a minimalist aesthetic. Either way,  to growth and evolution, while looking absolutely beautiful, this wrist tattoo works as a wonderful statement.

  • Bird Tattoo on Wrist

Better than a bird taking flight, what could symbolize the concepts of freedom and liberation?  imagery utilizing birds could serve to uplift you, while also looking stunning If life is weighing you down, or you’re searching for an inspirational wrist tattoo.

Wrist Tattoo Placements

  • Side Wrist Tattoo

A more subtle and less common placement than the traditional small inner wrist tattoos on the side wrist. Like quotes, phrases, roman numerals, or arrows, just to name a few, many opting for this placement choose designs that work well in a linear fashion.

Make sure before committing to the art that you are prepared for the process as tattoos on the side of the wrist can be significantly more painful than those on the inner wrist,!The end result is a permanent piece of art, well worth the pain although the area is largely made of bone and can be uncomfortable,!

  • Inner Wrist Tattoo

cute wrist tattoos gallery
cute wrist tattoos gallery

The most common and popular placement for the wrist is the inner wrist tattoo design. Than other options like the side, or top of the wrist, this area allows for great visibility and a lower pain level. To flourish and more detailed imagery to be displayed than other wrist placements, the wider space available here allows for bigger pieces. Inner wrist tattoos ideas like flowers, mandalas, skulls, and dragonflies work excellently!

  • Top of Wrist Tattoo

inner wrist tattoos ideas
inner wrist tattoos ideas

The top of the wrist is an ideal placement if you’re looking for a wrist tattoo that really stands out! Due to the close proximity to the hands, the artwork here will be easily noticed, so while we love this style, it is not advised for those who may face a backlash at their job, or from family members. The top of the wrist is an excellent space to create a unique piece that can easily trail down to the hand If your employer doesn’t care about tattoos, and you prefer a strong placement.

Due to the bones and thin skin present within this area, the pain level for this placement is considered to be pretty high. But we definitely recommend it, if you’re ready to face the pain and feel committed to this placement!

FAQ’s About Wrist Tattoos

For a tattoo, is the wrist a good place?

Yes! For any type of imagery, phrasing, or symbols you love, we believe that the wrist is an optimal placement. The end result is a stunning and easily visible piece of art while the pain level can vary from minimal to uncomfortable. Ensure that this placement will not affect your employment, or cause unwanted friction with parents before taking the leap into your wrist tattoo. This placement may not be best for those who prefer to keep their tattoos more private, but if visibility isn’t an issue, the wrist is a prime area to showcase your unique design.

The healing process and aftercare involved in your wrist tattoo, another important factor to keep in mind. This placement could create fading and disruption in the healing process if you constantly wear watches or tight-fitting bracelets around the wrist. This can also affect healing if your job requires a great deal of movement from the wrists to ensure your wrist tattoo stays looking on point for a long time to come.

How painful are wrist tattoos? 

The quick and easy answer is yes, but not as intensely as other placements like the chest, feet or rib cage. Due to its fleshier and less boney space, the least painful place on the wrist to get tattooed is the inner wrist. Due to the thinner skin and bones beneath, the tops and sides of the wrist are the most painful. A tiny tattoo or an inner wrist tattoo may be the best way to go, if the pain really isn’t your thing.

Do wrist tattoos fade?

Like any tattoo placement, Wrist tattoos can fade with time or continued friction. As they are commonly placed on the inner wrist, Luckily though, the majority of wrist tattoos are safe from excessive fading. Try avoiding areas on the side of the wrists, where fading is a common concern if fading is a concern for you.

How much does a wrist tattoo cost?

There is no way to gauge how much a particular tattoo will cost, unfortunately, but typical shop minimums for small tattoos usually fall around $50. Hourly prices may vary depending on your artists level of experience and quality of work,  Make sure that you discuss pricing with your artist prior to your tattoo so that you’ll know what to expect.