Worst places to get a tattoo & Where It Hurts Most

It’s no secret that tattoos hurt, but some places harm more than others. Most humans move into the tattoo shop with a rough concept of simply how painful their tattoo goes to be, but there’s also the fact that for those who have never been tattooed it’s still a guess. People have described getting tattooed as feeling like a sunburn, feeling like being stabbed, or maybe feeling like being tickled. So here is the list of some Worst places to get a tattoo.

places where tattoos hurt the most

The NO spot

Rather obviously, genital tattoos are going to be the worst imaginable. You have a massive amount of nerve endings down there and tattooing stimulates them. While it’s now not a space most humans select to get tattooed there are nevertheless a rebellion quantity of people who get private tattoos and masses of films of “butt hollow tattoos” if you need to know for certain this hurts. The vicinity extends right down to the inner thighs where the skin is extremely delicate and tender too.

The Throat

A patron once described this as feeling like “getting your throat slit without really dying”. The throat is another location with a number of nerve endings and sensitive skin, however, it’s additionally where your windpipe is and it could experience being beaten or suffocated because of the clicking of the artist on it. Another less “common” spot to get tattooed is throat.

The Knee (One of the Worst places to get a tattoo)

Knee Tattoo most painful place to get a tattooThe backs of the knees have plenty of ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and little or no muscle defensive everything. The skin on the lower back of the knees is mainly thin which means it’s sensitive and the nerves are in the direction of the surface. On the contrary, the front of the knee is thicker skinned which means to preserve the tattoo ink in the skin it has to be driven in more difficult and deeper. The knee is just painful all around.

The Ribs

rib tattoo worst places to get tattoosThis is a 50/50, a few people will find the ribs excruciating while others will discover it tolerable. It’s like asking whether or no longer someone is ticklish. Rib tattoos are either big and take up a client’s entire side or small that is another reason why this disparity should exist.

The Elbow

Elbow Tattoo most painful spot to get a tattoo
The elbow is similar to the knee – bones, ligaments, nerves and so on that are not blanketed via muscle. The outer elbow pores and skin is harder than that of the outer knee too so you’re dealing with deeper and harder tattooing over a bone that is an alternative peculiar to start with. Did you realize if a person licks your elbow at the same time as you’re no longer looking you won’t experience it? Your elbow has some ordinary nerves walking via that mean you can no longer feel it as an ache or even at all.

Hands, palms, feet, and toes

The tops and insides of the fingers and feet, as well as fingers and toes, are famous locations to be tattooed. Being tattooed anywhere in your arms and feet can motivate extreme pain. The pores and skin right here are very thin, and it contains numerous nerve endings which could trigger ache while hitting via a tattoo needle.

What’s extra, whilst nerves for your fingers and toes are disturbed through a tattoo needle, they may undergo painful spasms that make the tattooing reveal very unpleasant.


Stomach tattoos can also motive ache that ranges from excessive to severe.

The level of ache you enjoy depends on what type of shape you’re in. People with better body weights generally tend to have looser pores and skin on their stomachs than human beings with lower body weights.

A character with tighter skin over their belly is likely to enjoy much less acne than someone with looser skin in this place.

Inner bicep

While the muscle interior of your inner bicep can reduce the amount of ache of getting tattooed in this location, the skin right here has a tendency to be smooth and loose. Getting tattooed on your internal bicep can motivate a high amount of pain, however, doesn’t commonly purpose excessive pain.

The “Maybe’s”

There are numerous regions which, like the ribs, differ from individual to person. The ankles, wrists, feet, arms, armpits, and collar bone are all arguable regions which one man or woman might also locate excruciating and others may additionally sense is reasonable. Generally, those spots also are dependent on gender but the ankles and wrists are each erogenous zones full of nerves.

Factors that affect tattoo ache

Several things may also affect how you experience pain:

  • Sex

Research suggests that folks who are biologically women enjoy sensations of ache more intensely than men. This can be because of physical and chemical differences between women’s and guys’ bodies.
On the alternative hand, scientists have additionally determined that girls are more accepting of pain

However, there’s no specific research suggesting girls experience more pain at the same time as getting tattoos than guys or vice versa.

  • Experience

Research suggests that human beings who have had tattoos can also have a better strain ache threshold compared to those who have never had a tattoo.

  • Age and weight

While now not supported by studies, it’s feasible that age and weight may make tattoos greater painful.
Older skin may be more likely to bruise or experience pain than younger skin.
Heavier human beings might also have looser skin, that could additionally be more sensitive to tattoos. Conversely, people with very low frame fat may additionally experience greater pain.

What it feels like

The manner you enjoy pain and the placement of your tattoo can greatly affect how it feels to get inked. Again, this hasn’t been validated scientifically, however certain varieties of pain are well-known inside the tattoo community.

There are a few general sensations generally felt while getting a tattoo. Being familiar with those sensations before getting tattooed can provide you with an idea of what you can assume to feel and how to tell whilst your ache isn’t normal.

Common forms of tattoo pain include:

Burning ache

Burning ache looks like having something very warm pressed towards your pores and skin for a prolonged period.

It’s most commonly felt in areas a tattoo artist has worked on for an extended time, caused by a combination of your skin’s rawness and the repeated trauma due to a tattoo needle piercing your pores and skin inside the identical place. It’s additionally common in areas with greater fats underneath the pores and skin.

The burning ache isn’t typically severe, however, it can be very irritating.

Dull or background pain

Tattoo artists say that is the pleasant sort of pain you could sense while getting tattooed.

When the needle revs up with its loud buzz and the needle’s sharp prick first hits your pores and skin, your body’s response is to start producing stress hormones like adrenaline. These hormones simply paintings to numb the pain into feeling like a stupid ache inside the background.

During your tattoo session, you could sense this dull pain trade or accentuate at times. You’re more likely to stay inside the stupid pain segment if you’re distracted by every other activity even as being tattooed, which include being attentive to music or watching TV.

Scratching ache

Scratching pain is the most common sensation skilled while you’re getting a tattoo. This type of ache can feel like an intense scratch shifting across the tattooed area, as though a cat had been dragging its claws throughout your skin.

While this pain isn’t generally excessive, it is able to harm a lot in case your tattoo artist works on the equal location for an extended time. It additionally tends to harm greater whilst a couple of needles are used at the identical time, as opposed to a single needle. This is the case whilst your artist provides shading for your tattoo.

Sharp or stinging pain

Sharp or stinging pain may be described as many tiny bee stings. This kind of ache is usually quite intense, and it feels just like the needle is poking deep into your pores and skin. It’s sometimes enough to make you need to move far from the tattoo needle!

This form of pain is most normally felt when a tattoo artist uses fewer needles, or just one needle, to add very first-rate detail or make the definition of your tattoo. Body components with thinner or tighter skin are more likely to experience sharp or stinging ache, like the wrists and biceps.

While skilled tattoo artists recognise what they’re doing, it’s viable for inexperienced persons to mess up a brand new tattoo. A sharp or stinging ache that’s very severe might actually mean your tattoo artist is pushing their needles too deeply into your pores and skin.

This can motivate a tattoo deformity known as a tattoo blowout, which leads to a tattoo’s ink dispersing underneath simply the very top layers of skin that must be tattooed. The end result is a completely painful and blurry tattoo.

You can save your tattoo blowout through the usage of an incredibly experienced tattoo artist and heading off tattooing on very thin skin.

Vibrating pain

You may experience vibrating ache when you’re getting tattooed in a completely bony place, such as these regions:

  • outer wrist
  • elbows
  • ribs
  • ankles

When a tattoo needle pierces skin above the bone, nerves for your bones may choose up the vibrating sensation, especially if the needle is shifting at a very high speed. This causes vibrating pain.

The vibrating ache isn’t usually intense, however, it doesn’t precisely tickle either. You’re more likely to revel in vibrating ache if you’re thinner and have less skin and fats over your bones.

How to limit pain

Here are a few pointers to minimize tattoo ache:

  • Ask your tattoo artist to take breaks when you’re having trouble handling the ache.
  • Choose a very skilled tattoo artist. Insist on seeing their certification and sorting out their gadget beforehand. Your tattoo artist needs to constantly wear smooth gloves and use a sterilized device.
  • Follow tattoo aftercare instructions which include washing your tattoo, wearing loose apparel over your tattoo, and applying ointment and moisturizer to lessen ache and the dangers of headaches after your tattoo is finished.
  • Make positive you’ve gotten sufficient sleep earlier than your tattoo. Having had enough sleep earlier than a tattoo will make it easier with a view to endure the pain.
  • Stay sober with your tattoo. Alcohol thins your blood and can cause bleeding and bruising. This can deliver on a whole lot of ache or even break your tattoo.
  • Stay hydrated to hold your pores and skin supple and tight to lessen the pain of a tattoo.
  • Try a numbing product on your skin earlier than getting your tattoo to reduce the amount of ache you experience. Browse numbing products for tattoos online.