Why Are Hand Tattoos So Popular

There wont to be a time when hand tattoos were taboo. If you weren’t within the industry you probably did NOT get tattoos anywhere near your hands. A hand tattoo is usually mentioned as a “job stopper”. The reason behind this is that it’s not possible to cover it up and it’s often seen as unprofessional looking in the business world. Yet every day tons of people are now getting their hands tattooed.

It’s Popular

One of the reasons they’re popular is because of their own popularity. The more visible they are the more likely people are to consider that space for their own designs. It’s very much like seeing an outfit you like on a celebrity and then wanting to get it yourself. This is also why facial tattoos have become more common, especially when they’re so visible on sites like Pinterest.

  • Celebrities

Speaking of celebs, many celebs are now heavily tattooed which includes fingers, hands and faces. These celebs are literally covered in tattoos so it’s not really surprising that people want to copy their idols. Even 5 years ago hand tattoos really hadn’t begun beyond the metal and rap scenes but now even many models have visible hand tattoos with none others.

It’s Acceptable

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While in some states (South Carolina) it’s still illegal to tattoo hands and faces most places don’t have such laws anymore and most shops have no reason not to do them. While your job may still have a tattoo policy it’s much less common these days because so many people are tattooed. It’s expected that clients know the risks and dangers that come with having a permanently visible tattoo so as long as you can pay for it then most shops will be happy to do it. By hand tattoos being so visible they’re also becoming much more socially acceptable so it’s less likely to be commented on than it would have been 10 years ago.

It’s Cute

Small, minimalist tattoos are in, which suggests big areas like backs, thighs, and arms are out unless you would like a lonely looking tattoo. The hands are full of small areas which means they’re the perfect size for smaller designs.

It’s Visible

With tattoos being more acceptable people want to point out their body art off. That means that visible areas are becoming more popular than those that can be covered up. It’s natural to want to show off your ink – you paid for it, it is pretty, and you’re proud of it! With fewer reasons to hide your tattoos up lately why not get your hands tattooed.

Do hand tattoos last? 

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Tattoos are commonly thought as being permanent, although this is not necessarily true. In reality, tattoos are simply ink injected beneath the skin, and skin isn’t a static material. As we all know, skin changes as it ages, growing thinner, less elastic and more prone to developing flaws and damage. As skin ages so do the ink that makes up tattoos. 

It is also worth noting that all skin on the body doesn’t necessarily age in the same ways or at the same rates. Exposure to UV light, stress and use all affect the way that skin weathers over time, which brings us to hand tattoos. 

Generally speaking, tattoos on the back of the hand are the most likely to age gracefully when it comes to hand tattoos, although continued exposure to the sun’s UV rays means that these pieces will still age faster and more dramatically than tattoos on parts of the body that don’t get the same amount of exposure. 

Tattoos on the fingers and palms of the hand will deteriorate fastest simply because of the amount of use they get in our everyday lives. Skin is constantly regenerating and this effect occurs more rapidly in the areas that are exposed to abrasive surfaces—even skin rubbing against skin can contribute to this process. This can lead to tattoos fading and ink “falling” out. 

This isn’t to say that hand tattoos won’t last. It more of a warning to stress the importance of aftercare in helping tattoos to maintain their lustre, and to stress the fact that these utilitarian parts of the body simply put more stress on tattoos. 

Can you tattoo the inside of your hand? 

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Yes, you can tattoo the palm of the hand; in fact, this is a trend in the tattoo world that is continuing to gain popularity. However, there are a few factors to take into account when considering inking the inside of the hand. 

First, as we have discussed, the more use that a portion of skin gets, the less likely it is that the tattoo will last. Because of the constant wear that the palms of the hands are exposed to, this skin is especially thick, and in order for a tattoo to be successful, an artist will have to penetrate this thicker skin. This—along with the fact that the palms are some of the most nerve-dense parts of the body—means that these tattoos hurt significantly more than other areas of the body. 

The depth required to ensure that these designs will last also means that artists run the risk of blowing outlines. This means that the ink is placed too deep and bleeds out, causing blurry lines that hurt the appeal of a tattoo. To counter this common issue, artists tend to limit the intricacy of palm tattoos, favouring simple designs that utilize bold lines that will last, eschewing fine lines that won’t hold or are more likely to bleed together. 

Should you get your hands tattooed?

You’ll find that there are many people that regret making the choice to tattoo their hands. While it would be nice if tattoos were acceptable everywhere some jobs still have problems with such visible ink. The military, for instance, features a policy on visible body art. If you’re not sure it’s best to check first before making the costly decision to get tattooed.

Best Hand Tattoo Ideas 

  1. Animal Themed Hand Tattoos

Animal themed is a great, realistic tattoo that uses black and grey ink and excellent use of negative space to create the depth and texture that perfectly captures the fierce expression on this big cat’s face.  

Here, the artist takes a more illustrative approach to create this bear’s face that uses fully saturated black ink, negative space and a clever design concept to complete this awesome hand tattoo.  

People have been incorporating animals into works of art for millennia: some of the earliest cave paintings that archaeologists discovered featured herds of buffalo and were dated at over ten thousand years old. Man’s fascination with the animal kingdom is no secret, and this relationship is deep, complex and the perfect subject for tattoos. 

Many people associate different animals with a variety of human emotions, attitudes and characteristics: lions are noble, tigers are fierce, and ducks fly together. Because of this tendency to anthropomorphize different animals, many people choose to incorporate them into tattoos to reinforce these traits in themselves. 

The profound relationships that we form with the pets that we share our homes with are also a common theme in tattoos. There are few better ways to memorialize a special dog or cat than with a bespoke tattoo on the chest, arm or hand. Whatever the motivation behind the ink, animals are perfect subjects for tattoos and these exciting designs demonstrate just how successful they can be when applied to the hands.  

  1. Unique Hand Tattoos

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Tattoos are often used to show common interests or membership clubs, but perhaps their greatest function is as powerful tools for self-expression. The ink that we wear permanently on our skin can speak volumes about our tastes and sensibilities without us saying a word. 

Given the power that tattoos hold in non-verbally communicating personality, it isn’t surprising that people hold individuality in the highest regards: no one wants to go out and find someone else sporting the same “one of a kind” design that they got last week.  

Thankfully, there are thousands of skilled tattoo artists that place a similar weight on creating unique and eye-catching tattoos and take the responsibility of permanently marking other people’s bodies seriously. These pieces are just a glimpse of the possibilities when it comes to unique hand tattoos.  

  1. Traditional Black and Gray Rose Hand Tattoos

Perhaps the single most commonly tattooed image, roses have been inked on untold thousands of men over the years, and they continue to remain a popular element in modern tattoos. It really is no surprise that so many people choose to tattoo flowers on their bodies; given the powerful relationship that we have with flowers and the intense meaning associated with them, it is a no brainer. One only has to look at funerals and weddings to see the powerful cultural significance they hold. 

Flowers are also interesting in the way they serve as vessels for fragrance, which is so inherently linked with memory and cognitive experience: with only a whiff of a specific flower, we can be transported to a different time and place.  

When applied in the subtle tones of black and grey, roses achieve a classic quality that takes these hand tattoos to the next level.  

  1. Geometric Hand Tattoos

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Designs that incorporate geometric patterns and shapes have continued to gain popularity in the tattoo world for a few reasons. First of all, they look cool. The different methods of application and the endless variety of ways that geometric elements can be incorporated into tattoos make them excellent additions to any design. However, there is also a deeper significance to these designs than visual appeal and versatility.  

Many people choose to use these patterns in tattoos for the profound truth that geometry speaks to. Geometry is a way of describing the world around us and the precision which the discipline provides us often allows man a clearer glimpse at the true nature of beauty in nature’s reality.  

This is one concept in Sacred Geometry, which is—unsurprisingly—where many people draw inspiration for their geometric designs. These tattoos are great examples of what is possible when applying these fascinating designs on the hands.  

  1. American Traditional Hand Tattoos

The American tradition is where it all started, eh? Then why is this old-school approach still so popular? First of all, their lasting appeal is due to the fact that the pioneers of the style knew what they were doing. American tradition arose in a time before a thousand dollar tattoo machines and upscale studios; these were artists concerned with creating designs that would stand up to the harsh conditions that their clients endured. “Bold will hold” is a maxim that got its start in this tradition, and it still rings true to this day.  

The bold lines and limited colour palette of the American traditional school ensured that tattoos could stand up to the test of time, while the elements commonly depicted—skulls, daggers and ships—spoke to the rough and tumble existence of the clientele. These stunning pieces demonstrate how perfectly this style still translates to hand tattoos after all these years.  

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