Best Underarm Tattoo Design Ideas & Caring

Likes! Most people are not going to volunteer for their Underarm Tattoo when they think of a place to get tattooed. For starters, there are absolutely tons of nerve endings there – something you probably know if anyone has ever tried to tickle you. There are tons of things to understand about armpit tattoos and their care before jumping in though.

1) What to Get?

Getting your armpit tattooed is not any different than anywhere else. It’s all about personal style. Whether you like flowers, new school, neo-traditional or trash polka there really isn’t a “wrong” or “right” for what to put here. Look at designs that are about the size and shape of your palm unless you want them to show around onto your arm and sides. Some of the more popular choices are flowers and cat heads but there are many joke tattoos with ladies legs and faces where the hair grows back to replace part of the tattoo.

feather Underarm Tattoo

2) Does Underarm Tattoo Hurt?

The Axillary nerve runs through the armpit, that’s the main nerve going up and down your arm. It’s also what makes the armpit into an erogenous zone because there are so many tiny nerve endings that come together there. Your skin there is also protecting your lymph nodes and it rarely gets any sun or damage because it’s always protected by your arm. For most people, the armpit really does hurt and the skin there is so sensitive that many find the wrong product gives them terrible irritation let alone a tattoo.

Getting tattooed within the armpit is difficult just because of the necessity to remain still. Even if it doesn’t hurt if you get it from professional tattoo artist, which probably tickle so you’ve got to have a lot of mental strength to resist your urge to flinch. As to whether it hurts? It’s all to do with your own pain tolerance, but if you really want it you’ll sit through it. The area is certainly not as bad as the backs of the knees or the throat.

Armpit tattoos can be problematic for people who develop melanoma, she says because pigmented lymph nodes can appear similar to metastasis.

3) Aftercare

Taking care of an armpit tattoo does require a couple of special measures. When you are Aquaphor or aftercare on it, you should not put any deodorant on there for about 2 weeks. The reason for this is that most have fragrances, colours, and are intended to dry the area out – absolutely the worst thing to happen for a tattoo. You’ll want to avoid tight clothing and no shaving for at least 2 weeks. Once your skin has peeled and isn’t scabbing anymore you may tentatively shave but be careful since the skin here will still be quite delicate.

So do you still want one? This is one among the most unusual tattoos to get and sometimes people who have full sleeves still stop before getting the actual armpit itself done. You won’t see it once it’s healed unless you’re frequently waxing or shaving so consider your lifetime of care too if you are getting it done.

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