Best Guide For Triangle Tattoo Design Ideas And Meaning

Best Guide For Triangle Tattoo Design Ideas And Meaning

Triangle Tattoos are incredibly popular these days, but rather than covering themselves from collarbone to wrist, many people, particularly young, famous women like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, opt instead for so-called “baby tattoos.” These tiny, delicate markings are often placed on highly-visible areas such as hands and give the appearance of being heavily tattooed … Read more

What is the best tattoo kit to buy??

what is the best tattoo kit to buy

If you are searching for a affordable best tattoo kit for sale, it doesn’t  matter if you are a beginner in the tattoo art scene looking for suitable and perfect tattoo starter kits or a professional tattoo artist seeking for professional tattoo kits, you still looking for this great combination of price and quality, the … Read more

Best Hot Guys With Tattoo On Instagram

Hot Guys With Tattoo

If there’s one thing that finishes off a wonderfully chiselled body it’s some nice tattoo work. Like strawberries and cream, like pancakes and syrup, guys and tattoos go together. Whether it’s a pleasant sleeve, a full chest piece, or in a number of these guys cases a tattoo that goes from their head to their … Read more

Best Guide to Rose Tattoos Its Meaning, Design & Idea


Rose Tattoos are one among the foremost common tattoo ideas, and while they could be considered cliché that hasn’t stopped their popularity one bit. Rose tattoos often make us consider romance and relationships but there are more symbolic meanings behind rose tattoos than simply a beautiful flower. Roses have a singular appeal due to their … Read more

Tips for Women Getting Tattoos

tattoo sleeves for women

For most tattoo artists they’re not worried whether you’re a guy,  girl or somewhere in between if you’re in their chair, but for decades this male-dominated industry has also been primarily patronized by men. The stereotyped “Women Getting Tattoos” started out as a sideshow attraction, an oddity, something to be stared at for being different. … Read more