Best Guide For Triangle Tattoo Design Ideas And Meaning

Best Guide For Triangle Tattoo Design Ideas And Meaning

Triangle Tattoos are incredibly popular these days, but rather than covering themselves from collarbone to wrist, many people, particularly young, famous women like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, opt instead for so-called “baby tattoos.” These tiny, delicate markings are often placed on highly-visible areas such as hands and give the appearance of being heavily tattooed … Read more

Best Guide On How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo Healing?

under arm tattoo pain

Tattoo Healing completely takes 2-3 weeks. During that point, your skin does tons of things to heal your tattoo — here’s what to expect and what to not expect. Through ink being injected into the dermis layer of the skin using specialized needles, Tattoos are created. When tattoo needles puncture the skin they create thousands … Read more

Best Guide To Semicolon tattoo Design Ideas & Meaning

semi colon tatoo meaning

Semicolon tattoo have exploded in popularity over the past decade and became a crucial and artistic way for people to express themselves. most of the people get tattoos to tell a story, or to showcase the pain, triumph, and obstacles they need to face throughout their lives. To the wearer of it, every tattoo means … Read more

Best Guide To Make Temporary Tattoos At Home

temporary tattoos diy

You can make your own temporary tattoo with just a couple of household supplies and items from the craft store. Learn techniques for making temporary tattoos: using an eyeliner pencil, using a stencil, and printing one on paper. On creating your own DIY temporary tattoo, Read below for instructions. Keep in mind that unless you … Read more

Best Guide to Rose Tattoos Its Meaning, Design & Idea


Rose Tattoos are one among the foremost common tattoo ideas, and while they could be considered cliché that hasn’t stopped their popularity one bit. Rose tattoos often make us consider romance and relationships but there are more symbolic meanings behind rose tattoos than simply a beautiful flower. Roses have a singular appeal due to their … Read more

Tips for Women Getting Tattoos

tattoo sleeves for women

For most tattoo artists they’re not worried whether you’re a guy,  girl or somewhere in between if you’re in their chair, but for decades this male-dominated industry has also been primarily patronized by men. The stereotyped “Women Getting Tattoos” started out as a sideshow attraction, an oddity, something to be stared at for being different. … Read more