Things You Should Know About UV Tattoo

UV Tattoo ink has been around for slightly over a decade now and it’s still reasonably popular. Blacklight tattoos are unique therein the clear UV ink is totally invisible after healing so your tattoos are often absolutely secret. There’s also the “cool” factor when you’re under UV lights at a rave or club and your tattoos suddenly glow.

While these tattoos are popular and artistic, they have a specific risk also.

What is UV Ink?

While there’s no requirement for tattoo ink to be regulated, traditional ink has been developed over decades and tested far more extensively. You’ll never find an “FDA Approved” UV tattoo ink because there just isn’t such a thing, but the FDA does define inks suitable for tattooing animals as “industrial grade suitable for printers ink” – yikes! This doesn’t necessarily mean that UV ink is any more dangerous than regular inks, but the actual fact that it hasn’t been around as long means many of the future side effects, especially those which could take decades to seem, haven’t been seen yet.

How Does it Work?

UV ink works due to phosphorescence. The presence of phosphorus within the ink reacts when exposed to UV and reflects the sunshine back, creating a “glow”. The tattoo itself isn’t lighting up, very almost like the moon is simply reflecting the sunshine of the sun. albeit the skin is covering the ink particles the reflection is strong enough to be seen.

This also means your tattoo artist can’t actually see whether the ink has gone into the skin properly if they’re tattooing the “invisible” UV ink so they’ll get a tattoo employing a special UV blacklight.

Are they Really Invisible?

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Yes and No. Tattooing creates a kind of connective tissue under the skin. The ink is trapped between skin layers which is what forms the tattoo. Some people actually get a change within the skin cells which will be felt or seen as an actual scar, therefore the design should be visible on your skin as a scar. There’s also the danger that your skin may have an allergy which may also cause your skin to cost from the shape of your tattoo. While the coloured UV inks aren’t invisible, the blacklight only ink technically is when healed as long as everything goes well.

What Are Black Light Tattoos?

Blacklight tattoos are simply tattoos that glow when viewed under a black light, also mentioned as a UV light bulb. A number of these tattoos are visible in daylight, yet all isn’t. But all of them glow under a black light.

UV tattoos and blacklight tattoos are two terms for the same thing. they’re made chemically that react to ultraviolet. Don’t let the word ‘chemicals’ scare you off. All tattoo ink contains chemicals.

These invisible tattoos are sometimes appealing to people that don’t want their tattoo to point out during the day. It gives you quite a mysterious double persona, the day time you and therefore the already dark you.

However, if you propose to urge a black light tattoo to stay hidden during the day, then know that your tattoo will likely be visible while the skin is healing. There’ll be the standard inflammation and scabbing related to new tattoos, and therefore the outline will likely be visible.

One thing to understand about blacklight tattoos before getting into one is that your tattoo artist will get to use a black light so as to offer you the tattoo. Because the ink can only be seen under a black light bulb, it’s getting to take slightly overtime for them to end the work.

UV / Black Light Tattoo Ink – Is It Safe?

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As long as you’re getting your tattoo done at a reputable tattoo parlour that only uses FDA approved inks, then your UV or blacklight tattoo is made from a fairly safe ink. Of course, everyone’s bodies react differently to varied ingredients. So it’s possible that you simply might be allergic to any ingredient in blacklight ink or have a reaction thereto.

It’s worth noting that although the FDA approves inks as safe for human use, they do not approve any ink for injecting into the skin. But that shouldn’t scare you faraway from getting the tattoo you would like.

People have been getting tattoos for hundreds of years, and therefore the FDA features a complicated approval process that also doesn’t approve certain drugs for all uses, albeit the drug is approved for additional use.

What meaning is that simply because a substance isn’t FDA-approved for a specific use doesn’t mean it isn’t reasonably safe for that use.

The Right Artist

Not all artists will use UV colours. the rationale for this is often that since the ink is different it’s harder to urge honest coverage and may require touching up. Artists can also refuse to use it due to the very fact that it hasn’t had any real future testing. Since it’s less common to seek out you’ll also not be ready to find any artist who even carries the ink, UV tattoos structure such a small percentage of the population it means most artists don’t want to take a position during a bottle of ink that they’re going to likely need to throw away half full because it’s not been used.

Common reactions to blacklight tattoos

Here’s what might happen if your skin gets irritated otherwise you have an allergy to the ink:

  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Benign lumps where the ink clumped together
  • Blisters
  • Increased risk of tattoo infection
  • Skin pain

UV ink tends to be more likely to cause a skin reaction than regular tattoo ink. It’s important to recollect, however, that these reactions can occur after exposure to any tattoo ink if your skin is sensitive to the ingredients.

How Long Do Black Light Tattoos Last?

Just like regular tattoos, blacklight tattoos are mostly permanent. Or at least that appears to be the case. Because these kinds of tattoos are a bit newer, there’s not a lot of evidence out yet about exactly how they will appear over long periods of time.

We’ll have a better idea of how well they continue to light up under UV bulbs as more people get UV tattoos and this tattoo style has been around longer, 

But if you’re thinking about getting a black light tattoo, it’s a safe bet that your ink will show up at parties for years to come, and again, just like with regular tattoos, you can always get the design touched up later.

How to make an invisible tattoo last longer

glow in the dark ink tattoos

To ensure that your tattoo glows under the black lights for as long as possible, there are some steps you can take.

  • Avoid long periods of sun exposure on your tattoo
  • Take care of your skin in general with good hygiene and moisturizing. 
  • Follow the aftercare procedures provided by your tattoo artist

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