Sexy Places For Tattoos You Can Get Without Any Pain

I remember trying to find Sexy Places For Tattoos. It was the age of the “tramp stamp” when all girls had a tattoo peeking above their jeans in an attempt to draw your eyes there. Thankfully, while the lower back is still a cute place to get tattooed, women are much more confident and willing to get sexier and more interesting places tattooed. These are six sexiest places to tattoo for women!

Behind the Ear

Behind the Ear Sexy Places For Tattoos

Not only is this super cute, but it’s the perfect place to put a kiss! The ideal way to draw their eyes to this area (which is full of nerve endings) is to put something on it! Plus it’s small – great for minimalist tattoos – and can easily be hidden for work. The actual ear can look tacky, but behind the ear and even trailing down onto the side of the neck is the perfect place for feminine artwork. Check Here For more ideas related to behind the ear tattoo.

The Hip

small sexiest tattoos For Hip

There’s nothing better than a tattoo that flows with it to accent a curving hip bone. Thankfully women are built with an ideal curve line there to suit all kinds of tattoos. Not only that but it will help draw their eye downward towards…

The Underboob

sexiest spot for a tattoo on a woman Under boob tattoo

Ever since Rihanna got her coeliac plexus tattooed, this has become a way more common area for ladies to tattoo. And we’re not talking “Thug Life” tattoos. We love wings, mandalas and all sorts of other designs which accentuate and focus the eye on the breasts. This is ideal if you have smaller breasts, but larger bust sizes may obscure the artwork and affect healing.

The Thigh (Best Sexy Places For Tattoos)

Thigh Thigh tattoo placement for women

The backs of the thighs tend to remain hidden, but a cute tattoo peeking out from under a brief skirt has become the new “tramp stamp” and drawing the eyes (and the mind) upwards. The upper thigh also can be an excellent sexy thanks to accent the curve of the thighs. The higher it is the easier it is to cover, so you don’t have to worry about it peeking out

The wrist

Wrist sexiest tattoo placement

Wrists have thousands of nerve endings and they’re an erogenous zone. The wrist, like the ear, is ideal for something cute and feminine but your hands are also a very visible spot so it’s a great way to draw the eye too.

Underwear line

best place for a tattoo on a girl

Whether it’s peeking out above your bikini or below your bra, something that stays partially hidden by underwear is the perfect excuse to get it off. These are a much better place than the lower back because they’re easier to hide and it’s not such a huge area to fill. This is different from a hip or under boob because it’s more to the side and peeking rather than a huge area. Tattoo Ideas that are

Tattoo Ideas that are sexiest tend to be executed and fit the body well. Your body has a curve and symmetry to it. It will be fitted and emphasized by a good tattoo. No one considers a bad tattoo sexy!