Nautical Star Tattoo With Meanings | Guide For Men & Women

A Five-pointed star with light and dark shades is called Nautical Star. In which uppermost point directed toward the north star Polaris. In the universe, there are endless amounts of stars present. One of the unique star tattoo designs is the Nautical star. This is a remarkably famous tattoo design. These tattoos can be simple black or colourful. Mostly this tattoo appears like some kind of tribal shape.

nautical star color meaning
nautical star color meaning

But that doesn’t mean it is any tribal tattoo design. It’s because of its back colour and corners. But according to your personal choice, this design can be combined with other designs like anchor, wings, birds and with many other kinds of tattoo design. Which have various meanings among people.

Nautical Star Tattoo History

Among some of the oldest tattoo symbols, comes the nautical star tattoo. The nautical star tattoo is a creative star tattoo and to those who wear this tattoo design, it holds deep symbolic meanings. The nautical star is also a maritime tattoo. Nautical star tattoos are placed in many tattoo designs and come in a variety of different designs as well.

The nautical star has been placed in mermaid tattoos, anchor tattoos,  heart tattoos,

compass tattoos, and in other star tattoo designs. In popularity, the nautical star is one of the top maritime tattoos.

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Five points are present in the nautical star.  There is a straight line that starts from the inside of each point and goes straight down to the middle of the star at each point of the star. To each point, this creates two equal sides, that is 10 sections in total.

One side of every point is coloured in. Traditionally, these colours were usually red and black or black and white. Today, nautical star tattoos arrive in a huge variety of various colour patterns.

Sailors would always use the stars to navigate the open waters of the oceans and seas before technology made sonar radar and GPS available. North Star was one of the most well-known stars that was used for navigational purposes.

The Southern cross star is not widely known as the North star even if it was also used to map directions. To make sure they were travelling in the correct directions, sailors would use these stars and others.

Many people were very superstitious, back in the days of early sailing. There have always been legends and stories of man-eating sea monsters and other mythical creatures. Not only that, to travel, but the oceans were also a dangerous place at that point in time. The weather couldn’t be tracked very well without radar.

meaning of nautical star
meaning of nautical star

You could only imagine what a hurricane could do to ships back then and at that time sailors did not have much warning of such events. The nautical star began to commonly make its appearance, because of all these reasons. To the stars, it became a symbol of tribute. For their travels, the stars were very important to their travels to sailors. That importance was represented by the nautical star.



Meaning Of Nautical Star Tattoos:

With black and light shade, the Nautical star tattoos have five-pointed corners. It has various meanings. With the location of the tattoo, this tattoo design’s meaning changes. Tattoos on the left wrist represent that they needed to look forward during critical moments.

Which means in guide to home from where they are stuck in life, stars with Pole direction will help them. Basically these tattoos represent to show or guide them a good path towards their purpose. With members of Navy and Coast Guard branches of the US Armed Forces, this tattoo is very popular. A sailor’s way home is represented by this tattoo.