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Lion Tattoo: The king of the jungle is the lion. He is the ruler of the wild. All the animals of the jungle are ruled over by him. He is the symbol of nobility, power, Honor, and strength. The lion is symbolized as authority and masculinity.

The lion is a dangerous and beautiful creature as well.  All animals of the jungle are afraid of lions. As we saw earlier cave drawings depicted lions on the hunt. For a long time, no other animal has inspired fear, awe, respect, and revenge quite like the lion.

The lion is seen as an embodiment of Passion and a symbol of the Sun. Known for its courage and pride, the lion is the best creature on earth which is best. For lion tattoos being so popular among people of today’s generation, there are so many reasons.

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Many kinds of lion tattoo designs are available. Not only for its cool looks, people love lion tattoos, but also for its rich symbolic meanings. In India, Lion is called “Singh” a Sanskrit word which is the most beloved surname across India.

Behind getting a lion design, there are many reasons and meanings. Not only male lions, lioness‘s reputation as a fierce warrior and protector. Lions are the symbol of nobility and power. A great noble character and powerful persona are represented when wearing a lion tattoo.

People love to get their tattoo inked with their designs like Aslan of The Chronicles of Narnia, Simba, etc. as even Hollywood directors make some lion characters so popular. It represents our inarguably, prominent symbol of power and leadership when we get tattoo designs like the king of the jungle.

Some of the designs show their calm and peaceful side, whereas some show the ferocious side. Most of the tattoos are created in tribal style, artistic style. For men and women, here we have collected the most beautiful 55 Best Lion tattoo designs and ideas.

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