Least painful place to get a tattoo on your body

One of the biggest concerns about getting a tattoo is to find Least painful place to get a tattoo. It seems as if non-tattooed people are constantly asking, “does it hurt to get a tattoo?” to heavily tattooed individuals. To be honest, the answer is – kind of.

There is no cut and dry answer for the thousands of people who are interested in getting inked. Some individuals with tattoos have very high pain tolerances claim that they only feel a rather uncomfortable sensation during the application. These people also claim that the itchy healing process is more annoying than actually getting the tattoo itself. However, others can hardly tolerate the tattoo process and are constantly squirming and asking to take breaks. As someone with tattoos, I can say that it is definitely worth a little pain to have an amazing, meaningful piece of artwork with you for the rest of your life.

If you discover yourself wanting a tattoo, but aren’t sold on the pain factor – fear not! We’ve collected the least painful places that you just can get inked below.

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  • Least Painful Tattoo Spots

In general, areas of the body that have fewer nerve endings, more fat, and thicker skin will be less painful than patches that have thin skin and little fat to act as a cushion. This is why the spot that you just choose for your tattoo is so important.

  • Upper/Outer Thigh

Least painful place to get a tattoo
Least painful place to get a tattoo

One of the most effective places to get inked if you’re scared of tattoo pain is on your upper outer thigh. That’s because this section of the body encompasses a good layer of fat with very few nerve endings. Extra benefits are there on having a tattoo on the upper outer thigh.

For example, it’s easy to cover tattoos on your thigh, therefore this is a perfect spot for people that need to cover their tattoos for work or other reasons. Also, it’s a reasonably large part of the body, which is ideal if your tattoo design is of considerable size, and you don’t want to have to compromise on your work of art because of concerns about the pain.

  • Shoulders

Shoulders tattoo
Shoulders tattoo

The most popular area on the body for tattoos is the outer/rear shoulder area, especially first tattoos. it’s one among the least painful places to get tattooed because there aren’t a lot of nerve endings here and therefore the skin is thick, that the scratching of the needle doesn’t hurt as much. 


  • Forearm

Shoulder Tattoo Pain
Shoulder Tattoo Pain

The forearm could be a good spot for your first tattoo because it has a lot of muscle and thick skin, but not plenty of nerve endings, meaning it’s relatively pain-free. It’s a perfect location for mid-size tattoos with intricate designs, on the grounds that it won’t be as painful when the tattoo artist must fill during a lot of small details. Forearm tattoos can also be great conversation starters with other like-minded people due to being highly visible most of the time (unless you’re an Eskimo).


  • Upper/Lower Back

Just like the shoulders, the upper and lower back are favourite locations to get tattooed. As it gives them a generous-sized canvas to work with, the back is one of the largest parts of the body, so people like to get permanently inked there.

  • Finger Nails

Did you know that these were a thing that existed? Those with fingernail tattoos say that they were entirely painless since the ink is applied onto the hard keratin of the nail. However, these designs are also temporary and will disappear over time as the nails grow. Some individuals see this as an opportunity to get new designs that will match their changing moods

  • Calves

The calves are a great place to get tattooed if you’re nervous about the pain. Not only are there few nerve endings, but this area also offers a lot of cushions compared to other bone areas. You should consider moving it to the calf for some less painful ink if you’re thinking about a foot tattoo.

  • Ear Cartilage

While this is a new trend, it has still managed to find a place on this list. For this placement, the ink is tattooed directly onto the ear cartilage which makes for a design that is much less painful than traditional areas. Another bonus is that tats in this area have to be very small and simple – meaning there will be less painful for you to sit through. However, there are a few people who have complained of dizziness and headaches when receiving their cartilage tattoos.

  • Outer Thigh

Leg muscles have few nerve endings and are very good at tolerating pain. The low nerve endings along with the abundance of fat and muscles make it one of the least painful areas to tattoo. However, the inner thighs have far more nerve receptors and should be avoided if you’re looking for some painless ink.

  • Gluteus

As funny as it may sound, your gluteus is one of the least painful places to get inked. This is large because the meaty area is all cushion and is way far from any bones.

  • Inner Wrist

You may be surprised at this ranking, but the inner wrist is arguably one among the least painful places to receive a tattoo since the area isn’t as boney and therefore the skin is relatively thin. Though we have to advise that you steer clear of the sides of the wrist, where the artist is more likely to hit bone.