Best Things to Know Before Getting Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos became incredibly mainstream within the past decade and almost 45million Americans have a minimum of one tattoo and yet almost 17% of that number also admit to regretting them. While laser tattoo removal has been around for a while now many people are still concerned that it’s too painful, too expensive, or just too dangerous to do. So they put up with having a crappy tattoo that they don’t like or simply go and get it covered. Now, an honest tattoo artist can do a tremendous job at covering bad tattoos, but if the client really wants it gone then the laser is basically the sole way. Here are 8 things you should know before you go under the (laser) gun.

things to know when getting a tattoo

It Takes Time

Just like the tattoo took a process to urge in your skin it’ll take a process to get it out. You don’t simply wake up the next day and poof it’s gone. Tattoos are meant to be permanent which means they aren’t easy to get out. Depending on the dimensions, colours, and style of your tattoo also as how quickly you heal between sessions, it is often months or longer before your tattoo is finally gone. If you’re planning on retattooing the world you’ll not need the first design completely gone.

Expect Sessions

As mentioned, Laser Tattoo Removal may be a process and your skin has got to heal between sessions. Unless you would like horrible blisters and risk scaring you’ll want to attend between sessions. Most tattoos need between 8-12 sessions if they’re dark. So it’s important to be patient.

It’s not Cheap

Most people know Laser Tattoo Removal is costly. Even the smallest professional Laser Tattoo Removal can run $200 per session. While some insurance companies and dermatologists will work on a sliding scale you can expect that removing the tattoo will cost many times the cost of getting it done in the first place.

what to know before getting a Laser Tattoo Removal

It’s all about the artist

Just like getting the tattoo within the first place, it’s the hand of the person wielding the laser which actually does the work. Research first, and make sure that the company has good reviews and a good clientele. In many states, ANYONE can simply buy a laser and open a Laser Tattoo Removal studio so if there’s a “deal” or “special” for somewhere looking to get started in the business you could end up with some nasty scarring instead if you don’t do your research first. Try and avoid looking for the cheapest deal and make sure you find a reputable place.

Pre-existing conditions

Accutane users, pregnant women, nursing women, and people who have issues with keloiding are all not advised to urge Laser Tattoo Removal. If in doubt talk to your doctor first.

You Don’t have to remove it All

If you’ve only got a small part of the tattoo that’s wrong (e.g a mis-spelled name) consider just removing that part and having it redone. Laser Tattoo Removal is extremely precise so you’ll even remove just one letter which is cheaper and quicker than having the entire thing done.

There are 2 Different types of Laser Tattoo Removal

Since the 1980s dermatitis prefer the Q-Switch Yag type laser as this provides the simplest results and maybe wont to remove all kinds of tattoo ink. The Picosecond type of laser is better at removing blues and greens compared to the Q-Switch which means if you have a tattoo that is more blue or green then you may want to find a specialist with the latter.

Every Tattoo is Different

No two cases are alike because every artist applies and uses different inks. Some are more heavy-handed, some areas of skin are tougher than others etc etc etc. While an experienced Laser Tattoo Removal specialist can offer you a rough timeline it’s all hooked into your skin.

Don’t take Aspirin

Some clients wish to take pain medications beforehand in order to ease any discomfort; however, you should avoid Aspirin, Motrin and Aleve, as these are blood thinners and will increase your chances of bruising. To be safe, refrain from taking these medications for about three to seven days prior to your treatment.

Don’t come with fresh tattoos

Sometimes we immediately regret a decision or a tattoo artist’s interpretation of our vision does not come out quite as expected. Unfortunately, there is a waiting period before a new tattoo can be removed with laser technology. We can discuss the appropriate wait time during your free consultation.

Avoid supplements

Try and avoid fish oils, creatines, and penicillin 48 hours before your appointment, since they can cause excess swelling.