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When you’re deciding what to get free Tattoo most people start with what they like. If they like something then it’s an easy choice, if there’s a specific thing that has a meaning that also makes the choice easy. But what happens if you’re not sure what you want to get tattooed? What if you’re not 100% sure if you want it on your arm or on your side? There’s a lot of decisions that come with getting tattooed.


There are a lot of cool apps for people who want to get tattooed or who like tattoos. Piercing & FREE Tattoo for instance, from the iStore, maybe thanks to trying different piercings and tattoos on your own selfie images before committing to creating any permanent decisions. It’s free and while the “exact” tattoo you want might not be on there, seeing an image of yourself with something similar may help you with placement.

There’s also FREE Tattoo Design, a Google app that works as an enquiry engine for tattoos. If you can’t find anything in-store then you may find it here.

Free Tattoo

best online sites to get tattoo designs

One of the most important free tattoo resources. This is often sort of a program for flash. These are all common designs by big-name flash producers numerous people will have an equivalent free tattoo on them. Some of the designs have been around for decades so if you’ve seen something you like it might just be on here. There’s the option to purchase the design and line work for the artist to use so you’ll be ready to go when you get an appointment. They also have a Facebook where you can make suggestions and ask questions as well as see their latest shared designs and images of peoples tattoos previously done from the site.

free tattoo designs online

A tattoo blog, artist program, and gallery site that’s dedicated to the art of tattooing. This is a great resource for finding reviews on local artists and seeing their style before going into the studio. You can also search their facebooks from here and other linked social media to see more of their work. There’s also an appointment setting program for getting in touch directly.


Surprisingly enough Pinterest is a wealth of ideas, especially if you’re looking for girly tattoos there are tons on here and you can narrow it down with as many search terms as you would like and then links to even more free tattoo designs from there. You’ll be able to get together lots of reference for your artist to draw you up something custom even if the exact design you want isn’t there.

A resource for your free tattoo for getting custom artwork. While the drawing of the tattoo isn’t free you can get a quote on how much it will cost you to draw up the perfect tattoo for free. Some of the best artists in the world are linked to this site which means you could have an award-winning design by an artist you admire halfway around the world.