How To Fix A Misspelled Tattoo | Easy & Effective Way

Tattoos are permanent, and so are Misspelled Tattoo. While it would be easy to blame everything on the artist, most of the time spelling and other errors are the faults of the client. It’s up to you as the client to research on Sexy places for tattoos designs, translations and spellings, NOT them. For the artist, screwing up a tattoo is the worst that can happen. Just imagine how much it may reflect on their work! But sometimes, mistakes happen. So what can you do?

Fix It

bad tattoos fixed before afterSome tattoos can be fixed. Depending on the error it’s often possible to correct some spellings or adjust the design to fit. If it’s something simple like changing the colour then it’s often possible just to put the new colour over the old once it’s healed. You might not even realize that a mistake was made. For example, if the artist accidentally put the wrong line-in, or there was a wobble in it, then it’s likely they hid the small error under some shading and you would be none the wiser.

Most artists know how to hide small mistakes. Fixing mistakes that you find later on can usually be done in a touchup session. If the error is the fault of the artist take it up with them and come to an arrangement if they won’t consider it as a touchup.

Cover it Up

bad tattoos fixed before after

Sometimes there are no fixing mistakes. That name just isn’t spelled right, the colour can’t be fixed. In a worst-case scenario, you can usually cover the Misspelled Tattoo with something else. For those who specialize in cover-ups coming up with innovative designs to make your old tattoo disappear means a little compromise but you’ll end up with a tattoo that you can live with rather than a mistake.

You may only need to cover part of the tattoo. For example, I worked with someone who tattooed a woman who accidentally put her boyfriend’s name on a tattoo that was meant for her husband. Whoops!!! He covered up the first name on the Misspelled Tattoo with some extra flowers and added the right name above. It wasn’t perfect but he did the best he could with the client’s mistake.


how to fix a tattoo that is too dark Misspelled Tattoo

We’ve all seen the photos of the Dutch girl who got stars all over her face. As an artist, she probably asked for that but had buyers remorse. That’s not the artist’s fault, but it didn’t stop her trying to sue the studio to pay for the removal. Don’t blame the artist, if you made the mistake own up to it. If it’s truly bad then removal may be the best, if most expensive, choice. Some Misspelled Tattoo simply can’t be fixed and removal is the only choice.

Live with Misspelled Tattoo

One of the funniest stories of poor translation I heard was of a girl who ended up with Chicken Fried Rise on her – rise, not rice. She had intentionally gone and gotten a joke tattoo because it was in Chinese. The problem was she hadn’t checked her translation. The tattoo was still funny because it was even more of a joke since the Chinese were again mis-spelled and she decided simply to keep it. While this might not be an option for some people you can learn to love your mistakes, especially if they aren’t horribly bad.

Precautions to avoid error Misspelled Tattoo2

Mistakes are frequently the result of a client’s flinching (which is a normal reaction to the pain of getting inked) or moving without warning. In the lead up to a tattoo appointment and during the appointment itself, though, There are a few ways you can help avoid this including:

  • If you feel twitchy or jumpy, try to push your limb down into the armrest or table instead of jumping up,”. By doing this, your limb drops away from the artist’s machine, she explains, rather than up and directly into the needle which can “cause a mistake or too deep of a mark.”
  • During the appointment, don’t be afraid to take breaks. “People need breaks for a number of reasons and it’s important to make sure they know they can take them,” notes Randell, who asks clients throughout their tattoo appointments if they’re comfortable and if they need time to recuperate. “It’s important to be understanding and to make sure your client’s comfort is a top priority.”
  • Take care of your body—provide it with rest and proper nourishment. Clients should take care of their bodies in the lead-up to every tattoo appointment. “Getting tattooed is hard on your body—it’s a process that kicks your immune system and endorphins into high gear—but eating a good meal, getting a solid rest, and being well hydrated can help ease any discomfort and make it easier to sit still throughout your appointment.”
  • Swear. “I tell my clients to let the F-bombs fly if they want to,”. “Cussing relieves pain! Mythbusters proved it!”