Ganesha Tattoo designs and ideas With Meaning

Ganesha is one of the most popular of India’s many deities and is the Son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Ganesha is also known as Vinayaka or Ganapati and has an elephant head. He is also known as the destroyer of obstacles and god of success. Throughout Asia around the world, there are lots of worshipers of Lord Ganesha.

ganesha elephant tattoo
ganesha elephant tattoo

In Hindu art, Ganesha is highly popular. Ganesha is worshipped by Every Indian family. As Ganesha is the god of Good fortune who provides success and prosperity, there is no surprise that his images can be found easily in the huts of the poor or the richest of palaces.

One of the unique tattoo ideas is getting a Ganesha tattoo. Some People think more than just worshipping sculptures or images. For good luck, they come forward and want to have Ganesha tattoos and symbols on their body because they know it is the symbol of success and prosperity. Something which can stay with them forever is needed by them. So they push for Ganesha tattoos.

Many kinds of Ganesha tattoo designs are available. For example, different poses of Ganesha like something sitting or dancing or playing with family. Ganesha has big ears and a big head which remind us to think big and listen to others, but he also has a small mouth to teaches us to speak less which is important. Ganesha has only one tusk which symbolizes that keeping the good and not being afraid to lose the bad one.

To show off your devotion towards him, there are some exceptionally beautiful designs of

ganesha tattoo designs
ganesha tattoo designs

lord Ganesha tattoo available. Depending on the area of the body on which you want to craft the tattoo, select the design as you can find both big and small-sized Ganesha tattoos.

To make the tattoo look more impressive, different colour combinations can be used. Make sure to get it done by an expert tattoo artist of the industry to get the best tattoo look.

On areas like the back, upper arm, shoulder, wrist, neck and some other parts of the body, you can get this special tattoo inked, to make it more visible to the crowd watching you. When crafted nicely on your body, these tattoos look absolutely awesome. Here we present an amazing list of 30 Best Lord Ganesha tattoo designs and Ideas to help you pick the best one for you.