Foot Tattoos Designs and Ideas For Men & Women

The foot is one of the popular places for getting a tattoo design and it is also a highly exposed area. Among women, foot tattoos have been a trend. Foot tattoos can be from different sizes, angles, and designs which look very creative. Among both men and women, foot tattoos become very popular. But, in most cases, it is seen that girls are crazy about tattoos on foot. There are many various designs like an anchor, birds, floral designs, roses and some beautiful quotes etc many more designs can be done.

A foot tattoo can be a really awesome (and permanent) accessory, whether someone plans to live in strappy heels all summer or will spend most of the hot days without any shoes at all. An empowering image, a short quote tattoo,  or a really simple black and white piece can be expertly placed on the foot and express a little personality. For those who want to be able to easily hide them for work, foot tattoos are also a popular choice.

Like Kate Hudson, Rihanna, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Aniston, many celebrities also have tattoos on foot. For women, when it peeks out of a high heel shoe, tattoos on foot look very attractive. Some tattoo lovers think that it’s a good way to express them, as the foot is a very visible part.

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When compared with other places like the wrist or calf, tattoos on the foot can be more painful as the skin area on this body part is very less than those other parts. On a very thin layer of skin, the needle will hit rapidly. leave all these pain stuff upon your tattoo artist, if you have a very skilful tattoo artist who is perfect in tattooing. He will take care of you. But doesn’t mean that you are not going to feel any pain. You will feel the pain, but comparatively, it will be lesser. For foot tattoos, there are many tattoo ideas and designs. Depending upon your choice and interest. Enjoy the collection of 50 best foot tattoo designs and ideas.

foot tattoo ideas
foot tattoo ideas

For a small foot tattoo, travel tattoos, mermaid-inspired designs, animals, and flowers are just a few of the many possibilities. Foot tattoos are known for being painful, but they’re usually worth it because they look incredible! And if the chosen design is simple and small, then it will be over in the blink of an eye.