Floral Tattoos Designs & Ideas | For Men And Women

Floral Tattoos: Floral tattoos are some of the most common tattoo choices and are not something new in fact there. As flowers are commonly associated with beauty and femininity, women especially love to get floral tattoos. But nowadays floral tattoos are not limited to just women. As different flowers symbolize different things, men can also choose a floral tattoo. Lilly rose,  orchids, dogwood, lotus,  and peony flowers are some of the most common floral tattoo options.

It doesn’t mean that all botanical body art is alike even if Floral designs may be a perpetually popular request in tattoo studios across the globe. Flower-y depictions come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles as evident in this illustrated list of some of the best floral tattoo artists.

floral thigh tattoo
floral thigh tattoo

Meanings of Floral tattoos

Even if different flowers mean different things in many cultures across the world, flower or floral tattoos are prevalent in all cultures. Henna tattoos mostly consist of floral designs only. The choices are unlimited when it comes to floral tattoo placement.  For women, the choices are more like shoulder, arm, neck, collarbone, thighs, nape, side,  ankle, legs, wrist, lower back and even foot whereas, for men chest, shoulder, the bicep is the best choices.

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The cherry blossom floral tattoo is best for you if you love large colourful tattoos. In Japanese culture, since cherry blossoms don’t bloom for long, cherry blossoms symbolize mortality; they are associated with life which passes by in the blink of an eye. Rose tattoos symbolizes love and beauty whereas Lotus tattoos symbolize enlightenment. Among the Goth community, black rose tattoos are popular.

As they look intricate and beautiful, some people even choose floral vines tattoo designs. They add something extra to your personality and are very colourful and this is the best part about floral tattoos. Purple, orange, pink,  red, peach and black are the most common colour choices for the floral tattoo.

The shades will depend upon your taste. Since not many people know the meaning of each flower which makes the tattoo and it’s meaning personal to you, floral tattoos are also the safest tattoo design choice. Sunflower floral tattoos are rare but as they are very bright and colourful, they look extremely appealing.

floral snake tattoo
floral snake tattoo

Some people love getting hibiscus flowers inked because it symbolizes power yet gentleness not only because it is big and beautiful. To customize a tattoo design of your own, you can always mix floral tattoos with quotes. You can even ask the artist for a 3-D floral tattoo.

These intricate designs inspired by beautiful flowers in bloom also go back to the roots of the original beauty that was witnessed simply by watching and being a part of nature and not only look good.