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A father/Dad/Daddy is a protector, guardian, teacher, and your best friend with whom you can share your happiness and sadness without being judged. Father’s are soft at heart but tough on the outside.  When it comes to showcasing their love for their children, father’s are inexpressive. 

To protect you in your childhood and to guide you in your growing years, a father is always there at every step of your life. For not only giving you life but to raise you into what you are today, It is impossible to thank him. By getting a father’s tattoo, you can show respect, love and even appreciate his hard work for making your life much easier. To honour your father, daddy’s tattoos are the best way.

father son tattoo
father son tattoo

The special bond shared between children and parents is signified by dedication tattoos. On his special day, gifting an inked dedication to your father is in trend nowadays. When it comes to father dedicated tattoos, you can be very artistic. You can customize it according to your dad’s style even if there are designs available at every tattoo parlour generally.

Like adding one of your dad’s favourites (hobby, animal or quote), there are many ideas which you can incorporate in your design. You can also get a tattoo that expresses the passion of your dad. If you have a cool dad go for matching tattoos where you and your dad can have matching or contrasting tattoos, as matching tattoos are very common these days. In a single tattoo, you can also pair up your mom and dad.

The tattoo should be placed where it is easily visible to eyes if you want to show your dad the love and care you have for him then and therefore the placement of father dedicated tattoos is most important. The wrist or arm is the most common placement.

If you are a girl and want a more meaningful tattoo then go for big ones which show the connection between you both, but girls generally go for hearts and simple lines which we have usually seen “daddy’s Lil girl” or “love you daddy” these are the common ones. For heavy and large tattoos, boys can also go for tattoos on chest, shoulders or back.

From Disney characters to meaningful quotes to more artistic designs, there are plenty of tattoo ideas that incorporate everything and they all have the potential to reflect one’s relationship with her father. There are so many ways to show a special aspect of the relationship in a tattoo, whether a girl bonds with her dad over a sport, an activity, a television show, or a hobby.

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And it is still easy to show off a special bond with a symbol of a time or place that has meaning, even if a father and daughter do not have much in common. When it is done with a parent, even just matching animals or hearts are special! We are sure any dad would be flattered just by the thought of getting one with his little girl as it is such a meaningful gesture to get a matching tattoo with anyone.

father memorial tattoo
father memorial tattoo

Some of us don’t have their fathers with them so, in the memory of their dead father, they can have memorial tattoos. For people who have lost their father in war, accident or disease, there are tattoos that depict epic struggle.

If you have the tolerance for pain, here you can have your father’s favourite elements inked or even have your father’s portrait but make sure to choose a professional for huge tattoos like this. You can just have R.I.P tattoos with just the name and date or have simple tattoos with angels or cross sign in your tattoo combined with your father’s favourite items.