Best Compass Tattoo Designs & Ideas

History Of The Compass 

From the Latin word “corn,” meaning “together,” and “passes,” meaning “way” or “route”, the word Compass has been derived. A compass is an instrument that includes a mechanized pointer which is made use to navigate and find directions around the world, based on the earth’s magnetic field and was used by sailors for their voyages in the beginning, with the compass’s needle pointing towards the earth’s the North Pole.

The compass tattoo is beloved to be first designed by sailors from Spain. However, because of the Celts and other Europeans centuries ago, the tattoo became hugely popular. Earlier, the reason for a tattoo was quite literal, meaning the wearers were either the family members who hoped the sailors would have a good voyage and way home or the sailors themselves.

However, the instrument itself has also been traced to ancient India, and there it was called Matsya Yantra. It has made its way from China all the way to medieval Africa, in the past 2 centuries. The compass is a feature of tattoo art in these cultures and in pop culture.

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In the marine world, the compass is one of the most important things. Behind compass designs, there are lots of meanings. To find out the way in the sea, it is helped by the compass. These compass designs are also called nautical tattoos.

In many other styles like a compass rose tattoo, compass and anchor, nautical star compass, compass rose anchor, and many more, Compass designs are available. Compass is becoming very common designs. Also, on their body parts, most travellers in the sea used to get compass and anchor tattoo designs.

Several kinds of Tattoo designs are available on the market such as Anchor tattoos, Butterfly tattoos & many more. One of them is a compass tattoo. As you might have seen tons of people and celebrities flaunting it, compass Tattoos are a trendy tattoo design.

Compass tattoos have enjoyed new levels of splendour as new styles have emerged. The compass tattoo still reigns supreme in the world of body art, from wonderful watercolour works to delightful dotwork designs.

How To Know If A Compass Tattoo Is For You

You would look for the best design that reflects who you truly are if you believe that tattoos represent one’s personality or spirit. Normally outgoing and people adventurous have compass tattoos.

Plus,  for anything and can “go with the flow.”, they are ready. They normally like to travel, discover new places, learn new things, and broaden their horizons, and it is not necessarily that they have to be globe-trotters.

On the other hand, Some people might be drawn to this design because they are still finding their own way. Thus, the compass is to guide them to navigate through life and important choices or decisions.

The love of the sea is the other factor that links compass tattoo owners. They might have worked as professional sailors or have family members who were in the Navy. They might also enjoy travelling and want something nautical as their tattoo design.

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