Checkout Top Classic Rock Of Ages Tattoos

Rock of Ages tattoo designs will never go out of fashion even if Tattoo trends can come and go!

On the walls of tattoo shops and especially on someone’s skin, the Rock of Ages will always have a place . A classic religious image of the Rock of Ages is first attributed to a hymn written in 1763 and has been depicted thousands of times. The image we know of the classic rock tattoo  was first painted in the 1860s by Johannes Oerte, seen as a symbol of salvation and hope, and one of the first people to turn the image into a tattoo design was legendary tattoo artist Bert Grimm.

Classic Rock Of Ages Tattoos

In the tattoo world,a staple design in traditional tattooing the Rock of Ages will always have a place  and is one of the few truly timeless tattoos. Classic rock tattoos are bright, bold and capture both the nautical and religious imagery tattooing grew out of. Enjoy some amazing Rock of Ages tattoos by taking a look at these brilliant examples of tattoo classics!

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