Best Guide On Seeing Eye Tattoo

With occult inspired tattoos gaining in popularity, many are curious about the meaning of the mysterious all-Seeing Eye Tattoo!

Many ancient symbols are experiencing a revival in popularity in today’s modern times. To find symbols like the all-seeing eye featured on items of clothing, brand logos, or even upon people’s skin, it is not uncommon. Because of its mysterious roots steeped in occultism and ancient wisdom, this design has quickly become one of the most recognizable ancient symbols.

This symbol is also known as “the eye of Providence” and is classically shown as an eye within a triangle, or pyramid, also commonly called the “all-seeing eye”. The all-seeing eye third eye tattoo meaningis a powerful symbol which is also simple and that can easily be designed to complement any tattoo style. It works wonderfully as a powerful symbol within a bigger tattoo or as a stand-alone piece.

Keep reading to learn more about the meaning of the all-seeing eye tattoo and gain some inspiration for your next piece!


What is the all-seeing eye symbol?

The all-seeing eye symbol, as a lone eye within a triangle enclosed by bursts of light, is how it is traditionally depicted. This ancient symbol has been revered by various ancient civilizations and played a role as an important icon in many world religions.

The most common meaning assigned to this mysterious design is that it represents the “all-seeing eye of God”.

By its placement within a triangle, or atop a pyramid, the all-seeing eye tattoo design can be easily recognized. It differs from other popular motifs featuring eyes in that it is always shown in the same fashion, with the same design components to mark it.

Eye of Horus tattoo is a similar design featuring a single eye. With what can be described as a “teardrop” placed underneath it, this eye is also placed within a triangular design sometimes but features a classic Egyptian style eye.

What is the meaning of the all-seeing eye tattoo?

It becomes quickly apparent that there are many different interpretations of this age-old symbol when questioning the all-seeing eye tattoo meaning. There is no unifying meaning behind selecting it as a permanent piece of art like most tattoos. Instead, we find triangle with eye Illuminatithat there is a wide range of interpretations for the eye of Providence tattoo, to choose for themselves what it means to them, allowing those who resonate with the symbol.

The eye of god

The most commonly understood meaning that is represented by the all-seeing eye tattoo the omnipresent eye of God watching over humankind.

It symbolizes benevolent guidance from a divine source since the word “providence” means “guidance”.This is another popular interpretation. To denote “illumination”, or wisdom, the light source shown behind the all-seeing eye is traditionally believed.

The all-seeing eye is believed to represent the awakening of the spirit of the opening of the third eye, in various spiritual and religious beliefs

The crying all-seeing eye tattoo is a common rendition of the all-seeing eye design. It is believed to be worn as a sign of gods sorrow for humanity, although this tattoo shares much of the same symbolism as the original design.

To represent a number of various personal beliefs, particularly surrounding empathy for human suffering, or a state of sadness in regards to the state of humankind, this design simple all seeing eye tattoocan be used. 

Being utilized as a symbol of inner wisdom, spiritual progression and looking within oneself for answers, the traditional depiction of the all-seeing eye has held importance in almost every major world religion.

The symbol was used to represent the holy trinity via the three points of the triangle, in the early days of Christianity. In Hindu belief systems it is said to be the “third eye” of Shiva while in Buddhist religions, the all-seeing eye is viewed as “the eye of the world”.

The all-seeing eye works as a symbol to represent transcendence and higher planes of perception and understanding within all of these various belief systems

“Illuminati” – A symbol of power and control

The all-seeing eye also appears on the reverse side of the US dollar bill, aside from the symbols used in religious and spiritual practices.

DARPA and on the official seal of Colorado, the eye of Providence design is also used by the secret society of the Free Masons. The all-seeing eye’s usage by government entities, the secret societies and Federal Reserve has led some to believe that the symbol also holds a all seeing eye hand tattoodarker connotation.  The all-seeing eye is used as a subconscious marker or a way to denote covert control of the world by a group of ultra-elite oligarchs, leaders of industry and politicians, known as the “Illuminati”, or “enlightened ones”, this is what those who follow this line of thought believe.

In this way, it can be interpreted as a symbol of power, influence, surveillance and control.

When the symbol is used in this form it is typically referred to as an “Illuminati eye tattoo” in tattooing. Some use it in hopes to manifest similar circumstances of money, power and control, while others choose this symbol to remind them of the presence of hidden control. Similar to that of the dollar bill and US seal,  when used in this way, the all-seeing eye tattoo is typically depicted as the floating pyramid capstone.

Metaphysics and the occult

Stranger still, it is believed that the all-seeing eye is a design intended to deconstruct myths surrounding the nature of reality by some within the spiritual and scientific communities.

The eye within the centre of the triangle believed to represent a black hole within the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. Physicists have discovered that ensuring that it is never truly lost,Egyptian eye tattoo mean when information, such as a book is absorbed into a black hole, the information will “project itself” from the 2D realm into the 3D.

This connects to the all-seeing eye’s association with hidden knowledge and wisdom being perceived by the “3rd eye” In many ways. This can be a perfect symbol to represent the nature of reality for those interested in metaphysics, science and the occult. Your all-seeing eye tattoo can further clarify its intended meaning adding various mystical and physics-related symbolism alongside.

Be mindful that there are a wide array of interpretations within this simple design when designing your all-seeing eye tattoo. To create a design that fits your personal understanding and intended meaning, you can tailor it alongside your artist 

History of the all-seeing eye symbol

Believing that it was created from the “eye of Horus”, scholars have traced this intriguing symbol back to the days of Ancient Egypt. To the all-seeing eye, the Eye of Horus is similar in nature, as it features an eye within a triangular shape design. This symbol was traditionally used to help guide the pharaohs into the afterlife and to protect against evil forces.

Interestingly enough, on the reverse side of the dollar bill, the all-seeing eyes most famous triangle with eye meaningdepiction is featured, where it is pictured as the floating capstone above a giant pyramid. The symbol had been used since 1782 on the seal of the United States and was first placed on the dollar bill by FDR in 1935.

To reach the top of the structure, the pyramid on the seal consists of 13 steps, each step intended to represent one of the original 13 states.

The famous quotes placed on the dollar bill by the all-seeing eye read as “annuit coeptis”, which translates to “he approves of our undertakings”, and “Novus ordo seclorum”, or “new order of the ages”. It is believed that to assist in manifesting a civilization as ever-lasting as that of Ancient Egypt, the forefathers of the United States intended to use this symbolism and its accompanying phrases.

Still, others maintain that it was used to imply that secret societies like the Free Masons and others had surreptitiously gained control of the country.

The all-seeing eye has held significance in various world religions, such as Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism, in contrast to its use by government entities. The eye has traditionally been used as a symbol of spiritual ascendance and inner wisdom, within these belief systems.

Only adding the symbols mysterious energy and intrigue, the all-seeing eye symbolism has made its more recent mark on history when its likeness was discovered in crop circles across the world.

Best body placements for the all-seeing eye tattoo

  • Hand

Perfect for the hand or palm, the all-seeing eye tattoo can easily be used as a singular all-seeing eye tattoo meaningsmall piece! Within this small space and can serve as further inspiration for future tattoos on the arm, the striking visuals of this simple design work wonderfully.

  • Arm

The eye within the triangle tattoo is an excellent design choice for those interested in creating a sleeve of spiritually inspired tattoos. It works both as a minimal add on to an intricate design as well as the main focal point for the piece. There is more room for imaginative and creative design and thanks to the large-sized canvas of the arm for that.

  • Back

The all-seeing eye is a great design motif for the back, whether your next tattoo is going to be a large-sized back piece or a singular design. Many back tattoos featuring Egyptian references, spiritual symbolism, or themes of inner wisdom and transcendence have utilized this powerful symbol.