Why Are Hand Tattoos So Popular

Why Are Hand Tattoos So Popular

There wont to be a time when hand tattoos were taboo. If you weren’t within the industry you probably did NOT get tattoos anywhere near your hands. A hand tattoo is usually mentioned as a “job stopper”. The reason behind this is that it’s not possible to cover it up and it’s often seen as … Read more

Worst places to get a tattoo & Where It Hurts Most

places where tattoos hurt the most

It’s no secret that tattoos hurt, but some places harm more than others. Most humans move into the tattoo shop with a rough concept of simply how painful their tattoo goes to be, but there’s also the fact that for those who have never been tattooed it’s still a guess. People have described getting tattooed … Read more

How To Fix A Misspelled Tattoo | Easy & Effective Way

How to Fix Tattoo Mistakes

Tattoos are permanent, and so are Misspelled Tattoo. While it would be easy to blame everything on the artist, most of the time spelling and other errors are the faults of the client. It’s up to you as the client to research on Sexy places for tattoos designs, translations and spellings, NOT them. For the … Read more

Sexy Places For Tattoos You Can Get Without Any Pain

best place to put a tattoo on a woman

I remember trying to find Sexy Places For Tattoos. It was the age of the “tramp stamp” when all girls had a tattoo peeking above their jeans in an attempt to draw your eyes there. Thankfully, while the lower back is still a cute place to get tattooed, women are much more confident and willing … Read more