Best Fish Tattoo Designs & Ideas

People are getting fish tattoos on their skin because of some important meaning and symbolism even if fish tattoos are not always in trend but somehow. Fishes are charming and adorable creatures. Here we are not talking about some huge kind of fishes like shark and whale but about small kinds of fishes like goldfish … Read more

Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs & Ideas

semicolon butterfly tattoo

A colourful creature that can easily attract butterflies. For everyone, butterfly tattoos are the most popular tattoo ideas. Because of its colourful appearance, these tattoos are getting more popularity. A symbol of the soul is a butterfly. A very famous insect that is tattooed on the body is a butterfly. Mainly, Butterfly tattoos are liked … Read more

Best Finger Tattoo Designs & Ideas

rhianna finger tattoo

All Fingers have different purposes and meanings. Fingers are used to show the moment and status of being engaged, married, or as decoration. There are so many kinds of tattoos that can be done on the fingers. Because of the size and availability of different tattoos, finger tattoo designs look very cute once they have … Read more

Best Compass Tattoo Designs & Ideas

nautical compass tattoo

History Of The Compass  From the Latin word “corn,” meaning “together,” and “passes,” meaning “way” or “route”, the word Compass has been derived. A compass is an instrument that includes a mechanized pointer which is made use to navigate and find directions around the world, based on the earth’s magnetic field and was used by … Read more

Best Anchor Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

crossed anchor tattoo

To represent your culture, emotions and so on, tattoos help. To show the relationship between the ship and the sea also anchor tattoos help. Because of this reason, with sailors and the folks who relate with the sea, Anchor designs are highly associated. Anchor designs are becoming the first choice of many tattoo lovers and … Read more

Angel Tattoo Design Ideas | Best Guide

baby angel tattoo

Angel Tattoo:  Tattoos are not just designed, today. To express their feelings and representations of their faith and beliefs, people use tattoos. Mostly tattoos represent faith and different religions. For showing the love of God and faith, the angel is one of the popular tattoo ideas. Once they have been done on your skin, angel … Read more

Neck Tattoo Design Ideas | Best Guide

wings neck tattoo

Neck Tattoo: A visible part of the body is the neck. Even when you wear a t-shirt or shirt, it is visible. It’s a beautiful body part, where for the neck to look beautiful, women use to wear expensive jewellery like a necklace etc. But men can’t wear jewellery like women on the neck and … Read more