Atomic Tattoos Designs & Ideas For Men and Women

Atomic Tattoos: Nothing is off-limits. No even chemistry, when it comes to tattoos. Among people, atomic or atom designs are actually very popular. Actually atomic or atom tattoos are very artsy and beautiful even if they might seem nerdy or uncool. There are many people who are bound to science and often get scientific tattoos like atomic and molecular tattoos, DNA strand tattoos and some even get chemical reactions inked on them.

Some people are not afraid to try something new and are a little innovative. To create their own version of a scientific tattoo, they like to mix up designs. Among chemistry inspired tattoos, as they are minimal yet look extremely neat and artistic, atom or atomic tattoos are the most common choices. You have so much choice as to which atomic atom you want since there are many elements in the periodic table.

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Meanings of Atomic Tattoos:

Atomic tattoos can be very mysterious and this is one cool thing about them. You can choose the atomic tattoo of the element whose symbol will be your initials for eg, if your name is Heather you can get a Helium atomic tattoo or if your name is Aurora you can get a Silver atomic tattoo whose symbol is Au. Countless options are available. With your atomic tattoos, you can also combine other ideas.

As the mix up looks seamless but very interesting, It is always fun to mix up astronomical tattoos with atomic tattoos. A nucleus in the centre with electrons revolving around it in different orbits is one of the most common atomic tattoo designs. Depending upon your choice of the element, the number of electrons varies.

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They will have specific areas that they will be applied for since these tattoos are unique. Same rule of any other tattoo is followed at the application and placement of these tattoos. You should choose the appropriate place to apply the tattoo. Technically, the size of the tattoo will decide the choice of placement. 

The size will be made of the elements of that tattoo. The details of the tattoos will decide if the tattoo will be big or not.

You will want to choose the back, the side, the chest area or the thighs if the tattoo is big and needs a bigger area. The upper arm is the best place to apply the tattoo for the men, and it will appear elegant since they have a bigger upper arm.

On the wrist, the hand, the knuckles and the back of the ear, you can also have smaller selections of the tattoos applied. To apply the tattoo, always ensure that you choose the right place.

Types of atomic tattoos

These Tattoos Will Have A Bigger Approach when it comes to the type. They will come in different styles and forms. Here is a look at the common atom tattoos that you might love:

  • Silicon tattoos

From the chemical element Silicon, this tattoo is basically borrowed. This is a major element in science and it also has 14 atoms. Giving you a perfect design, you can have this tattoo applied with elegance. The tattoo could basically be applied for the love of the art or can have a hidden meaning.

  • Nucleus with empty atom path tattoo

You can choose the nucleus that is being surrounded by the atom paths. Nonetheless, without the atoms, the atomic path will be empty. To show that there is something major missing in the life of a person, this might be used. For those who do not get the exact meaning or importance of the atom, this can also be used

  • Atomic heart design tattoo

This is meant to show that the person has a deep love for science and is also a basic tattoo.  With a heart replacing the nucleus, It can be designed, and it will still have the atoms surrounding it.

  • Atom path and nucleus with the atoms outside

This can be used to show that within the surrounding of the person, there are some vital things that are. It could also be used to show that in the life of the person, there are certain barriers.

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  • A complete atom network tattoo 

There will be several atoms along the paths and this will contain several atom paths revolving around a nucleus. This can be used to show that a person feels that they are content with their life and the life of a person is complete.  

  • Atoms without nucleus tattoo

To show that the person is not under any rule, these tattoos could be used. By people who want to carry out things their way, it is mostly used. For that, it will imply that the person is independent. It can also have other negative meanings, but all will depend on the bearer.

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  • Tribal atomic designs

As it will contain specific designs from different cultures, these are tattoos that will take a different meaning. To make it look amazing, this will be blended with the atomic design.

Always ensure that you understand the real meaning of the tattoo that you apply, no matter whichever style you choose. Also, make sure that you choose the perfect colour blend and symbol that will go along with the tattoo.