Best Guide To Ankle Tattoos Designs & Meaning

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Ankle Tattoos Designs! Quickly becoming one of the most popular placements for tattoos, for newbies and collectors alike, the ankle is an ideal space! Ankle tattoos are the perfect selection for those looking to get their first tattoo, due to the ankle’s less noticeable position, or for those seeking to have a more personal piece.

Tattoos in the ankle come in a wide variety of placements, spanning the front of the ankle, to the full wrap-around ankle designs. While accenting and bringing attention to the legs, they can work to make the feet appear more attractive.

Read on to learn all there is to know about this particular placement including; pain level, aftercare, popular designs and more!

Decorating Ankles since Ancient Times

When tattooing was discovered, ankle tattoos were basically discovered right. We have been talking about how the tech industry is revolutionizing tattoos, but we opened up with a story about Otzi because many of those tech tats, or smart tattoos, are really health-based. And the ancient mummy, Otzi had tons of tattoos that were placed on classic acupuncture points. And, yes, he even had an ankle tattoo. It’s just a few lines, but it proves that this body part has been tatted up way before you ever would have thought!

ankle tattoos for men
ankle tattoos for men

But, tattoos are ornamental for some people, as many pieces. Ankle tattoos sometimes look like anklets. Anklets have actually been around for a long long time. “For at least over 8000 years, Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn by girls and women in South Asia, where it is commonly known as pattilu, Payal and sometimes as nupur. Since predynastic times, they have also been worn by Egyptian women. From the 1930s to the late–20th century, In the United States, both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable…In Indian marriages, Anklets are an important piece of jewellery, worn along with saris.” Dig that. Humans are totally obsessed with decorating even their ankles and everything.

It was actually really scandalous to show them off In Victorian times! “To hide a woman’s ankles when she sat down and her skirt lifted that extra inch, London omnibuses had what was referred to as ‘modesty boards’ running the length of the top. Glimping a bit of ankle was considered far too racy.” Crazy, huh? “The Victorians were also adamantly against flaunting a bit of leg even if they may have raised necklines. To prevent even a sliver of the ankle from peeking out, women wore stockings and very long skirts year-round. The legs of wooden tables  too closely resembled a female’s appendages, they were even covered.”

Ankle Tattoos for Men (Ankle Tattoos Designs)

More men than ever are deciding to partake in this timeless trend, with ankle tattoos becoming more popular. Masculine design elements and bold imagery have made this placement ideal for both men and women alike, while ankle tattoos used to feel like a female-exclusive placement.

cross tattoos on ankle
cross tattoos on ankle

The ankle works as an excellent placement, as it is rarely visible, and can be easily concealed in a professional setting for men that prefer more discreet ink, or minimalist motifs. There are a plethora of design options and styles to choose from for those seeking bolder and bigger male ankle tattoos.

Ankle tattoos for guys are an on-trend, excellent choice, whether you’re interested in an ankle tattoo for its subtle qualities or deciding to place imagery within a “filler space”!

Ankle Tattoos for Women

Female ankle tattoos have always been a classic and popular placement! Ankle tattoo designs for ladies can offer it all, whether you’re seeking something feminine and soft, or a larger piece in a bolder style.  This discreet area to sport their art is preferred by Many women contemplating their first tattoo or seeking a placement that is more subtle in nature.

anchor tattoos on ankle
anchor tattoos on ankle

The ankle is often one of the most coveted placements with minimalist and tiny tattoos gaining in popularity. Don’t be discouraged, If small and simple isn’t for you,! For girls that span a wide range of styles, sizes, and colour palettes, we have compiled some of our all-time favourite ankle tattoos. To accent the legs, any woman enjoys this placement as it can work, and bring a feminine element to the feet.

So we’ve got you covered, whether you’re seeking a cute, girly ankle tattoo, or a colourful and bold design motif!

Anklet Tattoos

For ankle tattoos, the ankle band tattoo is one of the most popular design styles. The great thing about this style is that it can easily be created to work with a variety of aesthetics and design elements and it looks awesome on men and women alike. This particular style and placement are highly versatile in nature, whether you’re looking for an ankle bracelet tattoo with flowers or tribal or geometric design.

A few key elements come into play when considering your ankle bracelet tattoo. You’ll first want to decide what style you prefer, which can range from an ornamental piece,  a blackwork design, a geometric motif, or anything that resonates with your personal taste and style.

mens ankle band tattoos
mens ankle band tattoos

Secondly, for your wrap-around ankle design, you’ll want to consider the exact placement you prefer. Even if it’s all up to you and what you feel will best suit your body and preferences, some people prefer to have the ankle cuff tattoo drape down to the foot or place it a bit higher up on the leg.

Lastly, you’ll want to find out an experienced tattoo artist who has a strong portfolio showcasing work in your preferred tattoo style.

For your anklet tattoo design, If you’re new to the realm of tattooing and want to gain inspiration, you can check out our detailed tattoo style guide!

The 15 Most Popular Ankle Tattoo Designs and Motif’s

Flower Ankle Tattoos

One of the most classic and feminine ankle tattoo designs is the flower ankle tattoo. You can choose to wrap the flowers around the ankle like a chain or display a single flower or bouquet in a vertical position when designing a tattoo for this placement. To different people, flower imagery works to represent different things, but many choose a flower that they find beautiful, or which holds special meaning to them. Check out this guide to various flower usages and meanings, and get started on your inspiration journey, If you’re searching for a flower ankle tattoo to hold a deeper meaning!

Rose Ankle Tattoos

rose tattoos ankle

Rose ankle tattoo designs are an excellent option for those seeking a beautiful ankle tattoo with deep meaning,! Roses were believed to originate from the deity Adonis, who was responsible for plants and rebirth, In Greek mythology. Depending upon your intended meaning behind the design, different colour roses work to symbolize different things, so you can select a specific colour rose.

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Another classic ankle tattoo design, working as a soft and feminine accent, or a breathtaking larger sized piece is the Butterflies.  To represent the power of transformation, spiritual ascension, change and joy, the butterfly itself is said. The process of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly is believed to symbolize the process of turning inward to be reborn, an important aspect of our human journey. The butterfly ankle tattoo is an excellent selection, If you’re looking for an ankle tattoo that will be both visually memorizing, and highly symbolic.

Mandala Ankle Tattoo

Looking for a deeply spiritual ankle tattoo? Mandalas represent many different esoteric concepts. While its circular shape symbolizes the never-ending journey of life, along with our inherent connection to “all that is”, the intricate design of the mandala works to represent the universe. To help provide insight into one’s life and encourage powerful transformation, mandalas are often used during meditation. This stunning design can be easily viewed while in a meditative state if placed on the inside of the ankle.

Palm Tree Ankle Tattoo

The palm tree ankle tattoo maybe for you, if you love the sun, good vibes and nature,! To accent the ankle while inspiring imagery of sunshine and blue skies, this beautiful design works well. You can incorporate a single tree, or add additional design elements like sunsets and water when designing your palm tree ankle tattoo.

Heart Tattoo on Ankle

small tattoos for ankle
small tattoos for ankle

To represent the seat of our emotions, passions, heartache, and desire, one of the most popular tattoo motifs has always been the heart, a simple design element that serves. Heart tattoos on the ankle can come in a wide variety of designs and styles. It’s all up to you whether you prefer a traditional and bold design, or a dainty ornamental piece incorporating hearts!

Sunflower Ankle Tattoo

Sunflower ankle tattoos are not only visually striking but full of deep meaning as well If you’re searching for a vibrant and cheerful piece.  From the likeness this flower shares with the sun, It’s no surprise that the name “sunflower” gained its inspiration. To symbolize qualities like longevity, adoration, and loyalty, A lesser-known bit of information about sunflowers is that they are said. It works beautifully as an ankle tattoo if you’re in need of some joyful imagery in your life, or you feel a connection with the symbolism of this flower.

Cross Ankle Tattoo

One of the most easily recognizable and powerful motifs for a tattoo is the cross. Cross ankle tattoos serve as more subtle and personal reminders of faith and inspiration.  The creation of your cross ankle tattoo is entirely up to you since so many variations of the cross exist. While others incorporate more intricate imagery like rosary beads, doves, roman numerals, and meaningful quotes, some prefer a tiny and minimal design.

Snake Ankle Tattoo

dreamcatcher tattoos on ankle
dreamcatcher tattoos on ankle

One of the most intriguing and fun motifs to work with is the snake ankle tattoo!  Your snake ankle tattoo has the ability to dip down to the foot, wrap around the ankle, and easily incorporate additional design elements, due to the small circumference of the ankle, paired with the snake’s ability to twist and turn. Snakes are traditionally said to represent fertility, rebirth and the creative life force. A variation on the traditional snake design is the “ouroboros”, which features a snake encircled, eating itself. It can be a great selection for those seeking something unique with hidden meaning, while less commonly seen than other snake ankle tattoos.

Wave Tattoo Ankle

A wave ankle tattoo on the ankle could be the perfect selection for you, if you love the ocean, prefer to “go with the flow”, or fall under one of the water horoscope signs! From detailed and intricate illustrations to simple and minimalist designs, waves can be depicted in many ways. The ankle works wonderfully to display wave tattoos regardless of your personal preferences.

Feather Ankle Tattoo

Feather ankle bracelet tattoo can easily be crafted to include various design details like beads wrapping around the ankle, gemstones, and birds and can serve to represent a multitude of different things.  To the Native Americans, feathers have held great spiritual importance and are believed to represent freedom, transcendence, change, and a connection to the divine.

Anchor Tattoo on Ankle

With a sense of grounding, anchors are typically associated, so what better place to display your anchor tattoo than on your ankle? Anchors work well as tiny tattoos or more intricate pieces, spanning many different styles and sizes. As the design itself is said to represent both masculine and feminine energy, the anchor ankle tattoo works wonderfully for both men and women.

Elephant Ankle Tattoo

As they are considered symbols of good luck throughout the world. many people feel a positive connection to elephant imagery. Elephant ankle tattoos are beautiful to look at, to represent loyalty, success, wisdom, and experience, they also possess a deeper symbolism which works.

Rosary Ankle Tattoo

The rosary ankle tattoo is a design that always works beautifully on the ankle. The rosary ankle tattoo is a gorgeous symbol of spiritual connectedness whether you opt for a more simple design or wish to add colour and ornamental detail.

Ankle Wing Tattoo

ankle tattoos for guys
ankle tattoos for guys

Signifying everything from angels, spiritual protection, and divinity, wings have always remained a classic staple in the realm of tattooing. Ankle wing tattoos,  also referred to as “Hermes wings”, can be used to represent the Greek god Hermes, who was believed to be the messenger for the gods. Hermes was also considered to rule over trade, commerce, merchants, thieves, and sports, aside from being a messenger.  The ankle wing tattoo can be a tribute to angels or pay homage to the concepts of freedom, liberation, and hope for those looking to create a tattoo with spiritual significance.

Ankle Tattoo Placements

Back of Ankle Tattoo

The back of the ankle is an excellent placement if you want an ankle tattoo that is seldom seen and more personal.  While others prefer to have matching or complimentary tattoos on the back of the ankle, some choose a single tattoo.

Ankle Foot Tattoos

Whether through rosary beads, snakes, feathers, or any design that you choose, many different ankle tattoos feature artwork that drapes down to the foot.  The artwork on the foot can be subject to fading while the ankle is a pretty reliable place to get a tattoo, so it is important to discuss this with your artist before going forward.

Inner Ankle Tattoo

For those who wish to have a discreet and subtle piece of art, tattoos on the inner ankle are a prime location. If you’re new to tattooing this may be the best spot to begin your journey,  inner ankle tattoo pain lesser than the back of the ankle, or outer ankle.

Front Ankle Tattoo

The tattoo on front of ankle is a bolder and more visible placement for ankle tattoos. To create a visually stunning and bolder design, this is an excellent space. For men and women alike, this placement works wonderfully.

Above Ankle Tattoo

As it can work to be subtle or noticeable, depending upon design elements and level of clothing worn, this is the most common placement for ankle tattoos. As you can make it as big or small as you choose, this placement is ideal for any type of design.

Outer Ankle Tattoo

Rest assured that this placement will display your imagery beautifully, for those wishing to have a tattoo directly on the ankle. You can keep the artwork concentrated to the ankle bone itself, although this can be a quite painful spot, for those who prefer a smaller design. Thankfully the pain is only temporary, and this prime placement is definitely worth it.

FAQ’s About Ankle Tattoos

Is the ankle a good place for a tattoo?

Yes, For a variety of tattoo motifs the ankle is definitely an excellent place!  Bold, tiny, or soft, the ankle works wonderfully to display your art, whether you’d like something intricate.

Do ankle tattoos hurt?

How much does an ankle tattoo hurt? The short answer is yes,  to tattoo, the ankle is mainly bone and so it can be a pretty painful area. The end result is incredibly beautiful and totally worth it, Although the pain level is considered to be pretty high!

Do ankle tattoos fade?

As long as you follow proper tattoo aftercare, Ankle tattoos generally aren’t subject to fading. The portion of art below the ankle can be subject to fading after time if you decide to get an ankle tattoo that stretches onto the foot. Always make sure to stay well-informed so you can know what to expect, ton best aftercare practices, and ask your artist about issues like fading beforehand.

Can I wear shoes/socks on my new ankle tattoo?

It is imperative to take them off as frequently as possible to allow the tattooed skin to breathe, while you can wear shoes and socks after an ankle tattoo. You should be fine to wear socks and shoes If the tattoo rests above your sock line, but if the tattoo stretches down to the foot it is recommended to avoid wearing shoes and socks altogether for at least two weeks.

What if I get an ankle tattoo in the winter?

Make sure that the tattoo won’t be disrupted by shoes or socks if you choose to get an ankle tattoo in the winter. Since you won’t be able to wear sandals or go comfortably without socks, It’s best to choose a placement that is above the ankle during the winter.  To allow the area to breathe, and follow proper tattoo aftercare methods, make sure to try and keep shoes and socks off as often as possible If you’ve already gotten your ankle tattoo.

How much does an ankle tattoo cost?

To how much your ankle tattoo will cost, there is no definitive answer. Across states and countries, a very ankle tattoo is different and each artist has varied hourly pricing and prices vary. Typical shop minimums usually fall around $50 (in the US), but every shop is different so it’s best to inquire ahead of time, If you are looking for something tiny.

Final Word About Ankle Tattoos

For both men and women alike, ankle tattoos work as a prime placement. The ankle is an excellent spot to sport your unique design, whether you want a large-sized tattoo that travels up the leg or a tiny design that feels personal to you. Ankle tattoos are an on-trend and gorgeous placement for anyone, whether you’re a first-timer or covered with ink.